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Amethyst Bracelets

Gemstone bracelets allow you to enhance the meaning and beauty of your gold or 925 silver bracelet. A good example of how to choose a gem stone bracelet can be understood by discussing about an amethyst bracelet. An amethyst gem is purple in color, this can range from a very pale shade of purple to a deep saturated purple color. This color is popular among ladies so gold and silver amethyst gem stone bracelets always draw attention from jewelry lovers. Besides it's beauty and grace, a substantial demand for the amethyst gem is driven by the fact that it is also the February birthstone. A birthstone jewel need not always be a bracelet but, this is one jewel that is always considered by birth stone jewelry buyers.

Let us come back to the shades of purple in which amethyst gems can be found. After all, each jewelry buyer will expect their amethyst bracelet to have the purple shade that they like. This might not be possible if you pick your gem stone bracelet from a readymade jewelry store. Wholesale jewelry also does not allow customization in any form and you would have to be happy with what you get. In anycase, it is helpful to learn something about the purple shade of gems that could be set in a gold or 925 silver amethyst bracelet. The very pale purple amethyst stones have the least preference among amethyst gemstone jewelry buyers. And yet thousands of carats of pale amethyst stones are consumed by the jewelry industry each year. The point is that these are also the cheapest amethyst stones, something that is very important when producing low price point wholesale jewelry. If you had to set these very pale amethyst stones in a yellow gold bracelet, the color of the gold would easily overpower the pale color of the gems. Kaisilver does not generally use such amethyst gems but, if you have a particular preference for these gems let us know and we will use them in the jewelry that you order.

The most popular purple shade for amethyst bracelets and other jewelry is the medium purple color shade. This gem looks good in silver or gold and if you choose a gold bracelet, you can rest assured that it will look awesome in a yellow or white gold bracelet. If you had to go by price point, the medium purple amethyst gems are placed in between the pale purple and darker purple gems. In the gem trade, light and medium purple amethyst gems are referred to as Brazilian amethyst and the deeper color shades are called African amethyst gems. You should however know that, the references do not always imply the origin of the amethyst.

Darker amethyst gems can be had from Africa and some South American nations too. If you plan to use such gems in your amethyst bracelet, try to use a gemstone size of at least 8mm to 9mm. Smaller amethyst gems in very saturated purple color, can appear dark as they lack sufficient open space for light to pass through. You could say that dark purple amethyst gems are priced higher than medium purple amethyst stones. An interesting thing is that when it comes to men's amethyst gem stone rings, most men prefer fairly dark stones.

Let us now say something about the metal used to make amethyst bracelets. Amethyst is a type of quartz, it does not need any special care. Cleaning your amethyst bracelet is going to be fairly easy irrespective of the metal used to make it. So you can choose a gold or 925 sterling silver amethyst bracelet, the decision can be based on what you like and the budget that you have allocated for the jewel. If you choose a silver bracelet, try to get one that has not been plated with rhodium or any other metal. Jewelers often plate silver jewelry with rhodium, gold or even platinum and market it as an 'anti-tarnish' finish. The plating will wear off after a while, the bracelet can then look quite drab and shabby. The best option is to get an unplated silver bracelet, you can then use a commercially available silver polish solution to take off any tarnish that might set in.

If you need to make a decision between a 14k or 18k gem stone bracelet, we would suggest that you choose a 14k amethyst bracelet. The added durability and strength that you get with 14k gold which is harder than 18k gold is always welcome. However if you prefer 18k gold jewelry, you can get good strength and durability by making sure that the jewel is well designed, crafted and provided with good metal weight. Since both yellow and white gold have the same hardness when compared with the same karatage, the choice of a yellow or white gold amethyst gem stone bracelet can be based on your personal preference. Few jewelers will give you the kind of flexibility and the high degree of customization that we at Kaisilver do. When you order your amethyst gem stone bracelet from us, you choose the design, metal, gem shape and size and dimensions for your bracelet. The even better thing is that, the same quality of design, craftsmanship and gems are used for gold and sterling silver bracelets. We understand that such a wide range of options can be confusing, our experienced support team is always at hand to guide you. You can always drop them a note at sales@kaisilver.com and rest assured that you will never be obliged to make a purchase from us.

The amethyst bracelets shown below give you an idea of what to look for, they are not meant to limit your selection in any way. You can email us images and sketches of your favorite designs and we will gladly custom  make them for you. This applies to all types of jewelry and not just to bracelets. Every design on our website can be ordered in gold or silver with the gem stones of your choice. Designs can be modified to suit your personal preference. By controlling the entire production process from design to quality control, including custom gem cutting we give you better control over what you need.

Kaisilver is the world's leading online custom jewelry provider. All jewelry is custom made by some of the finest craftsmen and artisans. Direct contracts with global mining resources put more than 200 million carats of gems at our disposal. Our gem experts closely inspect every gem stone before custom cutting it. The jewelry you order can request for a gem from any part of our planet, we are capable of procuring and custom cutting it for you. Our buyers include, fashion models, politicians, government officials, sportsmen, lawyers, financial experts, resort and casino owners, doctors and surgeons, professors, students, members of the armed forces and others. We rely completely on satisfied buyers to grow our business. For this reason, customer satisfaction is our lifeline and not a mere business policy.

gold or silver bracelet with amethyst gem stone amethyst bracelets
Nice amethyst bracelet with trillion shaped amethyst gems. Sturdy and durable, shown with medium purple amethyst gems. Can be ordered in gold or silver, with gems of your choice. You can also combine gems in a single bracelet, consider this for a family birthstone jewel  ... more. A bold gem stone bracelet with large 10mm x 8mm oval amethyst gems. The large gem stone size makes it suitable for medium or dark purple amethyst gem stones. If you prefer to use gems like sapphire, ruby, emerald or tanzanite for your bracelet, we would suggest a reduction in gem size to moderate the price ... more.


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