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Amethyst Ring For Men

All About Mens Amethyst Gemstone Rings 

An amethyst ring for men is a jewel that might surprise some. Many men are of the opinion that, pink and purple gems do not have that impressive 'masculine' look. In this report we will consider some interesting and important issues related to amethyst men's rings, we will not push the marketing hype and prefer to educate rather than to push for a sale order. To begin with you should know that, amethyst is a purple variety of quartz. One of the positive features of most quartz based gems is that, they are easy to maintain and rarely need any special care. This has special signifcance for mens amethyst rings because, men are generally very careful about how they handle or wear their jewelry. Having said that, we will add a small note here. Though gem durability influences the durability of a jewel, it is not the only factor that dictates just how tough and durable your jewel is.

Gem Background: As men become more aware on various issues related to gemstones and jewelry, interest in the properties and history of gemstones has also started rising. Here is some information related to the gemstone in a mens amethyst ring. Thousands of years ago, there was an interesting belief that drinking wine from a cup carved from amethyst would ensure that you never got intoxicated. The very name of this gemstone which is derived from Greek and Latin means, 'not drunken' or 'without being intoxicated'. Though not many mens amethyst rings are purchased today, with the aim of benefitting from this magical property, such folklore undoubtedly adds to the excitement of wearing the gemstone. Most knowledgeable gem and jewelry buyers inquire about the hardness of a gemstone, this allows them to estimate the wearability of the stone. The Mohs scale rates the hardness of amethyst at 7, this is well above average and imparts good durability to the gemstone. So you can wear your amethyst mens ring often and not be too fussy about the gemstone.

Gem Color: If you feel that you are not very particular shade of purple for the gem in your mens amethyst ring, we would suggest that you specify a medium purple color to your jeweler! The reason being that most of the amethyst jewelry seen in the markets, have amethyst that is neither too dark nor too light - best described as medium purple. To let you know of other color options, here is a short note. Pale or very light amethyst gems are generally not the trend in fine jewelry, an amethyst mens ring with a light purple gem might show no color at all. Keep in mind that a light low saturation in color means that, much of the metal mounting would be visible through the top of the gemstone. If you have understood this clearly and still wish to have a pale amethyst in your ring, go by it for all means. Check the possibility of getting a fancy shape or gem cut pattern for light amethyst stones, the beauty of the gem will then show from the shape and cut. Dark purple amethyst gems need some understanding too, some of these can be so very dark that you could hadly see the reflection of light on the inner facets of the stone. Interestingly, this is an often requested gemstone color for mens amethyst rings in gold or silver. Before you finalize the gem color for your amethyst gemstone ring for men, request the jeweller to send you a simple comparison image of three color shades, light, medium and dark. Keep in mind that computer screens can show slight variation in colors, so expect a +/- 10% variation in color saturation for the actual gem.

Ring Design: Since each buyer would have his opinion or vision of the best design for a mens amethyst gemstone ring, we will discuss design features that go beyond mere external appearance. From the view point of being a long lasting jewel, the design should provide the maximum possible protection to the gemstone in the ring. Our suggestions are inclined towards bezel set amethyst mens rings, the border in such rings is covered with metal and this prevents physical force damaging the edges of the gemstone. You could use a faceted or cabachon amethyst for your mens gold or 925 sterling silver ring but, try to pick a design where the gem does not rise too far beyond the face of the ring. A gemstone that protrude significantly above the metal mount is more likely to hit against hard surfaces and objects. While it would take a rather big blow for the gem in your mens amethyst stone ring to crack or break, surface scratches could develop with physical impact. Make sure that the metal weight for the amethyst ring is proportional to the dimensions of the jewel. Trying to get a large ring format with less than adequate metal weight, will mean that the jewel can bend or dent quite easily.

Metal Options: Going by statistics of numbers, mens silver amethyst rings far outnumber gold amethyst rings for men. There is economics and more that, shifts men towards sterling silver rings. While many jewelers who call themselves 'high end' or 'fine' jewelry providers feel that it is below their dignity, to accept orders for good quality silver rings - we at Kaisilver respect all buyer preferences. Regarding gem suitability for a mens gold or 925 sterling silver amethyst ring, amethyst gives no cause for concern. The production, wearing and cleaning of mens gold and silver rings with amethyst, is fairly easy and convenient. You could choose a gold or 925 silver amethyst gem stone ring for men but, make sure that the metal weight of the ring is sufficient to support the dimensions and ring size of the jewel. If you need a big mens amethyst ring but, find that 20 to 30 grams of gold is driving the price out of your budget, talk to your jeweler about getting a fine silver amethyst ring, one that is well crafted and sturdy. If you wish to go for a mens gold amethyst ring, 14k white or yellow gold is generally recommended. The hardness of this (14k) metal is a bit higher than 18k gold and this does in it's own small way, adds to the toughness of the ring. A reputed jeweler with seamless control over the entire production process, can custom make a fine amethyst mens ring for you in 10k, 14k or 18k gold. Regarding gold color, the scales are slightly tilted in favor of, men's yellow gold amethyst rings. Having said that, it is also true that white gold is generally gaining a wider acceptance in the mens jewelry sector.

Custom Ring: It has been observed (and verified) that, ladies shop for gems and jewelry far more frequently as compared to men. So when a man does shop for a jewel it is fair to expect that, he would be very particular about personal preference. With dozens of readymade amethyst rings for men available in jewelry shops, it is common to hear that none of the jewels really matches everything that the buyer wanted. If you have a specific idea for your amethyst ring in gold or 925 silver we would suggest that, you work with a well equipped and known custom jewelry provider. Kaisilver is not the only source for custom jewelry so do not, rush to place your order with us. Work out the basic details that you have in mind for your amethyst mens ring, then fix an approximate budget. Keep in mind that a 10% to 15% difference in budget fixed and actual price is quite normal. Get an approximate idea of the ring dimensions, ring (finger) size and gem size that you would like. If you are in a position to assess the approximate metal weight required on your own, do so by all means. A general yardstick is that, a mens silver amethyst ring would have an approximate weight of around 15 to 25 grams. A gold amethyst ring for men, would have an estimated weight of around 20 to 30 grams. Exceptions do exist, so discuss these issues with your custom jewelry provider before finalizing the order. A qualified custom jewelry provider should, allow you complete freedom to choose the design, dimensions, ring size, gem type, gem cut, gem color and metal for your ring.

Birthstone Ring: The tradition of wearing a birthstone jewel has been carried on for many generations. The concept of jewelry with meaning is generally preferred by men. The fact that amethyst is listed as the birthstone for February, drives substantial demand for mens amethyst rings. While it is true that an extravagant amethyst ring for men would have the same meaning, as a simple modestly priced option, we would suggest that you do not rush to search for 'cheap amethyst rings'! As you keep wearing and caring for your amethyst birthstone ring, there comes a stage when the jewel becomes part of you and your personality. You could get a moderately priced mens amethyst birthstone ring, that represents you and your lifestyle. Do not believe age old stories that, silver rings cannot have the same quality as a gold ring. Just keep looking for the right source, and not be swayed by sales talk however encouraging or discouraging that might be. Give particular attention to the information provided in the paragaraph on Ring Design (above). This will help you select a ring concept that has features built-in, to enhance the longterm life of your mens amethyst ring.


Kaisilver Rings:  Rather than view this paragraph as a sales pitch, take it as an indicator of what to demand and accept for your amethyst mens ring. A well informed purchase decision is very likely to be the right one no matter, where you purchase your amethyst ring from. We can custom make fine mens amethyst rings, in gold or sterling silver. When it comes to a gold amethyst ring, we provide options for 14k or 18k, white, yellow or rose gold options. For a mens sterling silver amethyst ring, we recommend that no rhodium or other plating be done mainly because, no plating done on silver really lasts forever. If you have understood that statement and still prefer to have a yellow, white or rose gold plating for your sterling silver amethyst ring, we will be glad to do that for you at a small additional charge. We have an awesome collection of amethyst rings for men to boast of but, we feel that you are the best judge. You can request for any design modification that you wish and, if you have a design concept in your mind, describe it to us or, send us an image or rough sketch - we will create the ring of your dreams in gold or 925 silver. Our commitment to crafting quality jewelry in gold or 925 silver has been strong long before, the price of gold hit the skies. We do not segregate teams for production, gemstones, designing and quality control based on metal choice. This ensures that the craftsmen and artisans provide complete attention and dedication for gold and 925 sterling silver jewelry.


amethyst gemstone rings for men
The amazing range of designs and styles that we provide for your mens amethyst ring can be seen from our mens amethyst ring collection. All the jewelry on our website is custom made with the metal, dimensions and gemstones of your choice. We can also custom make your mens gold or silver amethyst ring from your design or sketch. Review the mens amethyst ring collection here.



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