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Aquamarine Ring

Aquamarine Gem Stone Rings

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An aquamarine ring has always been popular as an engagement ring. Aquamarine the birthstone for March has good hardness and is a member of the beryl family. Aquamarine rings have pale blue aquamarine gemstones, the name was meant to depict the resemblence of the gemstone to water. Though most aquamarine gems that you come across would appear a pale blue color, the gemstone is a greenish blue when mined. Rough aquamarine is heated to remove the greenish color tone and leaves the gem stone with a pale blue color. Insist on an eye clean aquamarine gemstone for your gold aquamarine ring. The color of most aquamarines is very pale blue so you might not have much of an option on color. Do not make a compromise on clarity unless, the gemstone in your aquamarine ring is of a huge size like 5 carats and above. Though 18k and 14k aquamarine rings are available, we would recommend a 14k yellow or white gold aquamarine ring as it would be harder than an 18k gold ring. There is something very subtle and serene, about the blue color shade of aquamarine and few gemstones can mimic an aquamarine. Pale blue topaz also referred to as sky blue topaz can resemble an aquamarine, make sure that your aquamarine ring does not have a blue topaz gemstone. Aquamarine gemstone rings are suitable for ladies and men, the blue color of this gemstone is not bright or flashy. It is not uncommon to find sterling silver aquamarine rings, the gemstone is quite durable and can withstand conventional cleaning procedures that are used to clean jewels.

When looking for an aquamarine diamond engagement ring, select a design where the diamonds add a subtle glitter to the ring. Let the aquamarine show it's own beauty and not be overpowered by the diamonds in the ring. Medium sized aquamarine gems show their color the best. Very small gems might not hold enough color and large aquamarine gems, seem to allow light to pass right through the gemstone without any attractive reflections. We would recommend aquamarine gems in the 1.5 to 2.5 carat weight range for best color display. When choosing a yellow gold aquamarine ring make sure that, the pale blue color of the aquamarine is not lost in the gold color. One of the reasons for the popularity of white gold aquamarine rings is that, even a very pale blue aquamarine gemstone shows up clearly against the white gold color. Beware of clever jewelers who peddle cz aquamarine, lab created aquamarine and even light blue topaz as aquamarine. There is nothing wrong in wearing an aquamarine ring with a fake aquamarine gemstone as long as, your jeweler discloses the information BEFORE you make the purchase. When you are charged for a genuine aquamarine gemstone ring you have a right to demand a genuine gemstone. There is nothing like a cheap aquamarine ring, aquamarines are not cheap. A cheap aquamarine ring would be a big compromise on quality and probably gemstone authenticity too. The links below have some interesting information and examples of good aquamarine rings, have a look and understand what you need to look for when you choose an aquamarine ring.

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