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Peridot The Olive Green Gem Is The Birthstone For August 

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The birthstone charts list peridot as the birthstone for the month of August and it is no surprise that, the graceful beauty of peridot earned it a permanent place on the charts. A member of the olivine mineral family, peridot is one of the few gemstones that is found in just one color range. Green with a dash of yellowish-gold flashes is a color that, never goes out of trend. History tells us that Cleopatra was a true lover of emerald gems but, history also tells us that the finest peridot gems in ancient times were mined in the Egyptian island of Zagbargad (St. John's island). Decades later when science made it possible to accurately test and identify gemstones it was found that, many prized 'emeralds' in Cleopatra's collection were actually peridot! There are many cases where the August birthstone has been mistaken for emerald but, this confusion is on the decline today.

Peridot the birthstone for the month of August, has often been referred to as 'chrysolite' - meaning the golden stone in Latin. We believe that it is the golden color tinges that can be seen in peridot that earned it the name 'chrysolite'. Many peridot gem lovers in Asia still believe that, peridot has the power to make a person think and act positively. It is also claimed that wearing a peridot gemstone makes a person more powerful and energetic. Keep in mind that, just like the tradition of birthstones, other 'powers' attributed to a gem are based on folklore and beliefs.

The August birthstone is sometimes referred to as the 'evening emerald'. This is because of the awesome yellowish-green color of peridot, which makes it attractive in all types of light. A simple lamplight in the dull hours of the evening are enough to make this gemstone flaunt it's beauty. So when you hear that peridot the birthstone for August is an 'evening emerald', do not confuse it for emerald - both gems are distinctly different and amazingly beautiful. The formation of peridot takes place deep inside the earth, the gem is obviously subjected to tremendous pressure and heat. Had the gem remained within that portion of the earth, none of us would ever be able to see and enjoy the beauty of this green gemstone. Peridot gems travel closer to the surface of the earth during violent volcanic activity. And if you ever hear that peridot the August birthstone is an 'extraterrestial' gem, do not be surprised. The mineral olivine that has very rarely been found in meteorites that crashed to the earth. Having said that, it does not mean that any significant volume of peridot gems comes from meteorites - the phenomenon is extremely rare.

Most of the world demand for peridot is today met from the mines in China and Arizona. In reality it is the gem mined in these areas that has, kept the price of the August birthstone within affordable limits. While limited quantities of peridot is mined in Pakistan and Burma too - the material from these sites is priced at least 15 to 25 times more than what you would pay for peridot from Arizona or China. If you are looking for a moderately priced August birthstone ring, we would suggest that you insist on Pakistan or Burma peridot ONLY IF, you have a handsome budget to spare. All Kaisilver peridot gemstone rings are made with custom cut peridot from Arizona or China. We can however procure and cut Burmese or Pakistani peridot for you too, just let us know if you have such a specific requirement - we will then provide a specific price quote for your jewel.

The hardness of peridot on the Mohs scale is about 6.5-7. While this is not as hard as diamond or sapphire rest assured that, many gems with a far lower toughness are today used to make jewelry! It is true that the design, structure and gem mounting of a jewel influences the longterm durability of a jewel. The general advise is that, a moderately sized gem set in a sturdy mounting with firm prongs or a metal border, is best for gemstones. Most of the peridot birthstone rings introduced on this page, have a bezel set gemstone. This type of setting, requires better craftsmen skills and higher metal weight but, it is worth the cost and effort involved.

Caring for your peridot gemstone is not very time consuming or troublesome. Just make sure that the gem does not physically hit against hard objects or surfaces. We generally recommend that peridot not be cleaned in ultrasonic cleaners though, many jewelers insist that such cleaners cannot harm the gem. Like many other gemstones, peridot the August birthstone should not be subjected to sudden heat changes. When you store your peridot jewel make sure that, the jewel is not bundled with other pieces as they could scratch the gemstone. It is always good to store jewelry in a soft padded box where, each jewel has it's own small compartment.

Besides it's sheer beauty, the peridot birthstone has one more highly desirable feature to boast of. Of the many gemstones listed on the birth stone charts, there are very few that are left in natural condition. What this means is that, most gemstones today are treated to enhance their color, clarity or overall beauty. This is true of gems like emeralds, sapphire, ruby, tanzanite, blue topaz etc. The good news is that, the August birthstone (peridot) is left in it's natural condition and is not enhanced in any way. All we do with this gemstone is to pick the right piece of rough peridot, shape it, facet it, polish it and then skilfully set it in the jewel. The gemstone it's natural beauty and this is an impressive feature especially for those, who have some indepth knowledge of gemstones.


Kaisilver Peridot Rings: The gorgeous peridot rings shown on this web page, are designed and crafted by some of the finest jewelry professionals. Since each peridot ring is fully custom made, you can choose the design, size and metal for your ring. We provide quality gems, design and worksmanship for both gold and 925 silver jewelry. You could choose any ring from our website and request for it to be made with a peridot gemstone. You can also send us your own design images or sketches and let us custom make the jewel for you. Do contact our support experts at for any requirements or queries that you might have.


mens green peridot gemstone ring

A magnifcient rendition of the August birthstone, the MAN64P is crafted in 925 sterling silver or gold. Designed and crafted by some of the finest talent in the industry, this peridot August birthstone ring is perfect for men with a keen desire to present style that reflects their personality. One amazing thing about peridot is that, the gem maintains it's poise and sparkle in all metal colors. You could therefore order this peridot birth stone gold ring in yellow or white gold. The classic allure of 925 silver also does full justice to the amazing beauty of peridot. The diamond on either side of the oval peridot gemstone helps highlight the gem without, grabbing too much of attention. Notice that, the gemstone is firmly mounted with a metal border all around the rim - this offers good protection against side impact. The design does not allow the gem to bulge too much above the surface, this also acts to reduce the chances of damage by physical impact. If you are looking for an August birthstone ring that is impressive and sturdy, the MAN64P should mark the end of your search. Get more details on this awesome mens peridot ring ... more.

peridot claddagh ring

The August birthstone in a loving heart shape. This peridot birthstone ring is more than just a heart ring, it represents one of the most meaningful jewels of all time. First made over 4 centuries ago, the Claddagh ring has a touching story of love, sacrifice and loyalty. The tremendous meaning of this peridot bithstone ring are captured in the interesting features of the jewel. The hands that hold the peridot gem show togetherness, the crown depicts loyalty. The heart shaped center with the custom cut peridot gem firmly set in it, denotes love and affection. The relevance of the claddagh ring is not limited to matrimonial relationships alone. Love is universal, it could be between husband and wife, two close friends or even mother and daughter. Kaisilver is credited with crafting the world's finest rendition of the claddagh ring. You could order this jewel in gold or 925 silver with the gem of your choice. This August birthstone ring with it's touching background story and heart shape concept is one of the finest peridot gemstone rings that you will find. This jewel has today become very popular across the world. Read more about this very interesting ring ... more.



Kaisilver Jewelry: We custom make all types of rings and jewelry in gold or 925 sterling silver. You can choose a design from our website and request for design modifications or, send us your design idea in the form of a sketch or image. We handpick and custom cut every gemstone that is used in our jewelry, you are therefore not limited by gem type, size, shape or cut. Do contact our support experts at for any requirements or queries that you might have. We do not mind if you purchase nothing from us and finally make buy your jewelry from another jeweler, all we want is for you to make a well informed buying decision.



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