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Enhancing Meaning And Beauty With Gemstones

bracelet, sterling silver and gold bracelets with gem stones.
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A bracelet is a classic jewel, there are thousands of bracelet designs available and they fall into a few design themes. You will find plain bracelets with no gemstones or diamonds and also gemstone bracelets. Including a few gemstones in a gold or sterling bracelet can enhance the beauty and meaning of the jewel. It is also possible to combine gemstones of different colors in bracelets, this further opens up some interesting options. For example, you could gift a mothers bracelet that includes the birthstones of all the family members. People often select certain gemstones believing that the gems have some special properties. For example, a carnelian bracelet can bring peace and calm to the person wearing the bracelet. An onyx bracelet is believed to help a person overcome personal grief and tragedy. It is not uncommon to find gold or 925 silver bracelets that combine gemstones with such properties. It is tempting to choose a bracelet based solely on it's price tag and external beauty. You should know that a few more features should be evaluated before finally choosing a bracelet. Metal weight, type of clasp used to lock the bracelet, type of mounting used for the gemstones and the type of gemstones are some issues that need to be considered. The next paragraph contains information regarding other features of bracelets that need to be evaluated.

Good metal weight is very essential to create a sturdy and long lasting bracelet. Lightweight bracelets might be cheap but, they will also be flimsy and might break easily. A gemstone bracelet would have more than one gemstone, sturdy mounting of the gems will require sturdy prongs or have the entire gemstone bordered with metal. It is common for jewelers to compromise on metal weight and create gold and silver bracelets with feeble gemstone mountings. Such gimmicks are done to gain mass markets with attractive prices but, do not work in the interest of the buyer. It is true that high gold prices can make a sturdy gold bracelet quite expensive, if this is beyond your budget choose a sterling silver bracelet instead. It is not difficult to spot flimsy silver bracelets, so a custom bracelet might be your best option. A bracelet is basically assembled by putting a number of links (segments) together, bad craftsmanship, inferior design and insufficient metal weight can cause a bracelet to snap (break) at the links. Such a bracelet could break to pieces when you least expect, you might be lucky to be able to collect the pieces together but repairs would be expensive. Another important thing that you should check for your bracelet is the clasp. Some clasps are thin and sharp edged, they can damage delicate skin on the fingers and this could be painful. You might also come across clasps that open up at the slightest jerk, avoid them as you risk your bracelet dropping off. Certain soft gems like kayanite and apatite should not be used for bracelets, the wear and tear on the bracelet could cause such gems to scratch or break. Let your jeweler guide you regarding such technical details. We have provided a few useful and interesting links to bracelet related information below, spend some time understanding the content. It could help you make the right decision by evaluating various bracelets based on features rather than being swayed by sales hype.

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