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Cat Ring

Gold And Silver Cat Rings Custom

cat ring, sterling silver cat ring with gem stone of your choice
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The cat ring shown above is unique in many ways. This is one of the few silver cat rings that depict the entire cat. Most cat rings show a partial form of the cat. This cat ring is not mass produced, it is given individual attention by experienced craftsmen. This becomes immediately obvious when you observe the features and finishing on the 925 silver cat ring. Despite the modest price tag on this gem stone cat ring, you have the option to choose the gemstone of your choice when ordering this ring. This feature opens up great options since you can choose the gemstone according to your preference of stone, stone color or even select a birth stone. The design and craftsmanship of this silver cat ring add value to the jewel. You can wear your cat ring for all occassions or gift it to someone you love. Most girls and ladies love cats, the cute, quiet and clean habits of this adorable animal pleases people of all ages. We would consider this 925 sterling silver cat ring to be a good mothers ring too, include your mothers birth stone when ordering your cat ring. For parents, you could buy cat rings for all your daughters and include their birth stones in each of the rings. The Kaisilver silver cat ring is not plated with rhodium, gold or any other metal. This means that there would be no ugly peeling off of the plating on the ring. The classic antique looks of this cat ring mean that, you need not worry about silver tarnish. Occassionally wipe your cat ring with any recommended silver polish lotion or polishing fabric, this will keep visible tarnish away. Depending on your budget, you could order this cute cat ring in gold or sterling silver. Options for yellow gold and white gold cat rings are available. A 14k gold cat ring would be harder than an 18k cat ring, mainly because 18k gold is softer than 14k gold. The image shows a silver cat ring with marcasite for the eyes and a center white opal gemstone, the gemstone is oval in shape with a size of 6mm x 4mm. Cat rings can also be ordered with diamonds, rubies, sapphires or other gemstones for the eyes. There is no limitation on the gemstone that you can choose for the center of your gem stone cat ring.

We have shown the silver gem stone cat ring with a white opal gemstone. You can choose the gem stone of your choice for your 925 silver cat ring. Certain gems for your cat ring would be faceted while others will be smooth (cabachon) cut gems. A turquoise cat ring, black onyx cat ring, bloodstone cat ring, blue lapis cat ring, agate cat ring or carnelian cat ring would have smooth gems. Most other gems would have the normal faceted cut. We have included a few links below that will show you some fine silver rings. These are single piece custom made silver rings, that can be made with all design types and design modifications. Review the silver rings in these links and you will realize that, it is possible to make high quality custom silver jewelry too.

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