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Claddagh Wedding Ring

Even if you did not know much about the meaning of the claddagh ring, you would agree at first glance that a claddagh wedding ring would look awesome. This would be even more likely if you came across a Kaisilver claddagh ring. The high end craftsmanship and custom cut gems provided for every Kaisilver jewel remain unmatched by any other jeweler. Since we would like to keep marketing hype out of the Extrajewel domain, let us now explain the meaning and tradition of this historic jewel. To start off, this ring is blessed with a history that dates back to over 375 years. The story of the claddagh ring is very touching and heart rendering, it tells of an Irish slave named Robert Joyce who was sold to a wealthy goldsmith. Below are some of the important findings uncovered by a research team from Kaisilver. After months of study and research, the team provided inputs that are very interesting and also very useful in designing the claddagh ring. To understand why this hand and hearts ring would make a good wedding ring, you will need to read the following paragraphs.

History: Unlike most popular jewels that originated in the homes and palaces of the rich, famous and powerful the claddagh ring had the most humble beginning. History tells us of colonial rulers who shamelessly plundered the countries that they conquered. Priceless diamonds, gems and jewels were robbed from the colonised lands and are now proudly displayed in musuems set up in the homelands of the robbers. Don't expect any such flamboyant story for your claddagh wedding ring. The time was around 375 years ago, the place was a pretty fishing village in Ireland named Claddagh. A simple fisherman by the name of Robert Joyce left for the high seas and found his boat captured by pirates. The pirates robbed all the belongings of the occupants in the boat, the captives were then sold as slaves. Robert Joyce was sold to a wealthy goldsmith and forced to learn the trade from his master. The hardships and toil of slavery became regular and consistent but, this could not make the young slave forget his beloved. Robert decided that the best way to cope with his plight was to dream of being free. He started to make a small jewel for his beloved and hope to give it to her when he was free. His dreams did come true and he was one day freed from slavery. He went back to the claddagh village and was overjoyed to learn that his beloved was loyally waiting for him. He gave her the jewel that he had made for her, this came to be known as the claddagh ring. It was the first claddagh ring and since the couple were soon married, it was also a claddagh wedding ring.

Meaning: After reading about the history of the claddagh ring, it is not difficult to understand why the ring is today regarded as one of the most meaningful jewels in history. But there is another aspect of this historic jewel that needs to be understood and appreciated. The hands, heart and crown on the ring were a solid expression of love, from a humble slave to his beloved. One can hardly imagine that a depressed and opressed slave could maintain a frame of mind that revealed such clear and passionate feelings. The features of the claddagh ring have given it some interesting names the ring is sometimes called the hands and heart ring, the hands clasping the heart ring, the heart and crown ring or also the famous Irish wedding ring. The heart in the ring shows love, this love could be between friends, husband and wife or even between a mother and child. The hands extend in friendship and togetherness, the clasped heart adds emphasis. The crown on the heart denotes one of the most important virtues of any relationship and this is loyalty. While the claddagh ring can be worn or gifted for almost any occassion or even as a casual wear ring, the three main features of the ring make it perfect for a wedding ring. The claddagh ring along with a few other Irish rings are referred to as friendship rings .

Relevance: The main topic of this report on the jewel is to understand the relevance of the claddagh ring as a wedding ring. The success of any marriage depends on three important issues love, friendship and loyalty even during tough and trying times. The heart shaped center of this ring is a symbol of love and perfectly suited for a wedding or engagement ring. With the steady increase in the demand for birth stone wedding rings, the possibility of including a heart shaped birthstone in a 14k or 18k claddagh wedding ring is a great option. You would be glad to know that both ladies and men can wear claddagh wedding rings. This opens up the possibility of wearing a pair of wedding rings a trend that has been gaining popularity in recent years.

Suggestions: If you are thinking of getting a gold claddagh wedding ring, the option of a 14k ring would give you a jewel that is harder and stronger. This is mainly because 18k gold is a bit softer as compared to 14k gold. In any case, good craftsmanship, healthy metal weight and a structured design can add durability to a 18k or 14k wedding claddagh ring. Silver wedding claddagh rings can also be made with the same craftsmanship, design and gemstone options as a gold ring. Silver jewelry has a loyal following and not all buyers of silver love it just because it is cheaper than gold. You can always decide to get a sterling silver claddagh ring if you are on a limited budget. When it comes to gold color, both yellow or white gold claddagh wedding rings can be ordered. There is no truth in the belief that white gold is less harder than yellow gold as long as you are comparing gold of the same karatage. When it comes to gems for your ring, choose based on color or meaning that a particular gem has for you. Exchanging birth stones in wedding rings add a sense of togetherness and is something that you can try for wedding claddagh rings too. In any case, make sure that you choose a reliable jeweler when buying your wedding ring. It is not possible for a buyer to understand all technical issues related to gems and jewelry. Most jewelers take advantage of this and try to rush the buyer to make a purchase, this is not in the longterm interest of the buyer.

Kaisilver is regarded as the world's leading online provider of high end custom made jewelry. Since the claddagh ring produced by Kaisilver draws on inputs and guidelines collected after an indepth study of the jewel, it retains all features of the first ring that was made more than 375 years ago. Since each claddagh wedding ring is made according to buyer specifcations, you can choose the metal and gemstone for your ring. The solid commitment to provide high quality custom jewelry in gold and silver has led to the same team of designers, gemstone experts and craftsmen being used for gold and silver jewels. Each gem is handpicked and custom cut by skilled cutters, extremely talented craftsmen provide intense attention to every single detail. The trained and watchful eyes of the quality control team inspect each jewel at multiple points throughout the production process. More than 9,000 fingers across the globe today proudly wear the legendary Kaisilver claddagh ring. Out of these, more than 3,000 rings have been ordered as claddagh wedding rings. All rings can be ordered in 14k or 18k white or yellow gold with gems of your choice. You can ofcourse choose to get a custom claddagh silver wedding ring too. Detailed information including pricing is available on the links provided under each image. All the rings can be ordered with or without diamonds in the crown.

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