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Colored Diamonds

Natural And Treated Color Diamonds - Essential Information

Diamonds are desirable, diamonds are rare and ofcourse diamonds are forever. Colored diamonds add excitement to any jewelry, it is not only colors like yellow, pink, green, blue, black, orange and even brown that make color diamonds unique. With most of the diamonds mined being white (colorless) diamonds, colored diamonds are many times rarer than white diamonds. Until 7 to 8 years ago, few jewelry buyers had a chance to see colored diamond jewelry. And even if your jeweler could get you a color diamond ring, or any other diamond jewel with colored diamonds - the price would most porbably shoot well beyond your budget.

Things have changed now, color diamonds have become very popular now. Colored diamond jewelry can be ordered in most jewelry shops, and at attractive prices too. So how did this change come about, with the diamond mining activity still giving extremely limited output of diamonds with colors besides white - there does not seem to be a logical reason for this happening. Kaisilver experts have replied to dozens of emails, explaining the reasons for this trend. Many people believe that low awareness regarding color diamonds, keeps demand at very low levels. This low demand is blamed for the attractive prices being offered for colored diamonds in recent years. This report will blow away the mystery and misconceptions that surroud the sudden increase in the availability of color diamonds.

We mentioned that very little of the rough diamonds mined, are in colors other than white (colorless). The present situation is the same, there has been no increased level of mining or increased ratio of colored diamonds to white diamonds. When you mine a rough diamond and it turns out to be a blue, green, yellor or any other color - we refer to that as a natural color diamond. To say it very clearly, this would be a natural diamond with a natural color. Such diamonds remain rare and expensive, with decreased availability you can expect them to stay that way. These diamonds remain the exclusive privilege of the rich and famous, at least in sizes beyond 3mm to 3.5mm.

Now to the very interesting part of natural diamonds with not-natural color! As the effective demand for colored diamonds was supressed due to high prices, diamond manufacturers (cutting houses) kept thinking about the amount of lost sales revenues. It was not possible to reduce the price of natural diamonds with natural colors as, low availability did not make it worthwhile. They were also worried that reducing the price would diminish the 'exclusive' image earned by diamonds with natural color. After a lot of research and trials, manufacturers found ways to change the color of natural diamonds. Technically this would mean treated colored diamonds or enhanced color diamonds. In the next few paragraphs, we will explain the basic concept of treated color diamonds in simple terms. Important: For the purpose of the discussion in this report, we will use the terms 'treated diamonds', to mean color treated diamonds. The term color enhanced diamonds or enhanced diamonds, will also refer to color treated diamonds. Other forms of diamond treatments like fissure filling processes, will not form part of this report.

The process of enhancing the color of diamonds begins with the selection of specific natural diamonds. The ideal diamonds to be selected for color treatment would be those, that have some blemish. Diamonds that have a high degree of clarity and brightness of white color - would best be sold as they are. The diamond maufacturer who selects diamonds to be treated, will hope to have diamonds with blemishes treated. This is because the enhanced color derived by the diamonds after the treatment, will enhance not only the appearance of the diamonds but also their value.

Diamonds that have better clarity but blemishes in the color, would ideally be color enhanced to lighter colors like yellow, orange, pink or even lighter shades of blue or green. This is because the diamonds would then have a pleasing color and the good clarity that they already posessed in the beginning. On the other hand, diamonds that had lower clarity due to the presence of many inclusions or even internal fissures (cracks), could be color treated to darker shades, like dark brow, dark green or dark blue. A good example is treated black diamonds, you will find that they have almost no transparency. The diamonds picked to be treated to black diamonds, are generally highly included, so much so that enhanced black diamonds could appear almost opaque.

It has always been our policy to discuss durability of a jewel or gemstone, so we will now talk about the durability of diamonds that have been treated for color enhancement. As you might know, diamonds are the hardest stones to be used in jewelry. The Mohs scale used to rate the hardness of various gems including diamonds, assigns a whole 10 to diamonds. Every other gemstone has a hardness rating that falls below 10. This impressive hardness obviously makes diamonds very sturdy and durable. This is probably what gave birth to the phrase '... diamonds are forever' ! The good news is that, enhanced color diamonds are not affected in terms of hardness, the only physical change that color treated diamonds go through is the change of color. We have also not found any cases where, the color derived by treated diamonds has faded or changed over time.

The price of a colored diamond would depend on a number of factors like, shape, size, quality and even the number of pieces purchased. So instead of handling or guessing all these possible variables, we will talk about pricing related to natural and treated color diamonds. If you had to compare to compare the prices of 2 pink diamonds of the same shape, size, color, weight and clairty, one with a natural pink color and other with an enhanced pink color - the diamond with the natural pink color would be priced higher than the diamond with the treated pink color. Another interesting thing, if the comparison was with one white (colorless) untreated diamond and a pink or yellow or orange color enhanced diamond, both of the same color, shape, size, weight and clarity the color enhanced diamond would most probably cost more than the white diamond.

When talking about the prices for treated color diamonds, the level of desire of the buyer might influence the price quoted by the seller. For example, if you wanted a white color untreated diamond and had a budget of around 3,000 U.S$ to 4,000 U.S$ - it is very unlikely that you would tilt towards buying a 2,500 U.S$ enhanced blue color diamond for just 2,500 U.S$ even if it weighed 1.25 carats. However, one interesting thing is that if you speak of diamonds with natural colors (not treated) the perceived value is almost always higher than that of white color diamonds. What you need to pay more attention to is that, your jeweler honestly discloses a treated diamond when he sells you one. For example, a 3 carat color enhanced pink diamond could cost aroud 30% to even 50% less than a similar natural pink color diamond of the very same color shade and saturation.

Let us talk about a few issues related to the laboratory testing of diamonds. Such tests are available in various forms, the basic testing and authenticity reports will only identify whether, the stone is a natural diamond and the color of the diamond. You wll not know the source of the color on the diamond - it could be natural color or enhanced (treated) color. All major gem and diamond testing labs provided detailed test reports where, the source of the color on the diamond can be clearly identified. The important thing is that, the cost of the tests can be quite steep. A basic diamond identification report could cost around 50 U.S$ to 75 U.S$. A more detailed diamond test report identifying the source of color on a diamond (natural or treated) could cost as much as 200 U.S$. Also remember that, these prices are per diamond piece tested. If the diamond you plan to test is 3mm or below, it is likely that the testing charge would exceed the price of the stone! This is one reason why you should evaluate various jewelers and choose the most reputed one, before making a purchase.

The above report is not a sales pitch for Kaisilver. All we are trying to do is to make you aware about important issues related to colored diamonds. You will know understand that the price differential between naturally colored diamonds and color enhanced diamonds could be significant. Your jeweler might be surprised and displeased to see you with a susbtantial knowledge of these technical issues but, rest assured that all we intend to do is to protect your interests. You can make your purchase from the jeweler of your choice, we will be glad if you get a good deal. At Kaisilver, we can provide both natural color and enhanced color diamonds, we will clearly state the type of diamonds being used in the email communications BEFORE, you confirm the order and make the payment. If you wish to have any more information on gem and jewellery related issues do send us a message at sales@kaisilver.com our team would love to help you, without expecting any purchases to made from us.

A more detailed review on this issue can be accessed at http://www.jewelry.kaijewels.com/colored-diamonds-natural-or-treated-kj-info-01.htm You will also be introduced to some interesting diamond ring concepts, custom made with white or colored diamonds.

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