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Gold or Silver Cuff Links

Cufflinks are an interesting dress accessory generally worn by men. While the origin of cufflinks began more as a necessity, class and style are also important factors in cufflink selection today. In this report on cufflinks we will not talk about cheap plastic or base metal cuff links, though we have nothing against them. What we are discussing about is good quality gold or sterling silver cufflinks. Depending on the design and personal preference, you could have plain cufflinks or cuff links with gemstones. When you talk about gemstone cufflinks, the selection of gems and design are inter-related. We will talk about all that and more in the next few paragraphs.

Utility: Long sleeved shirts need some way to hold the ends of the cuff together. While simple buttons are one option, cufflinks are an enhancement. While you might come across shirts with long sleeves that have no buttons at the cuff and rely totally on cufflinks to hold the cuff together, the more common choice is to have both buttons and slots for cufflinks. The cufflinks could be simple metal pieces, you might have come across cheap plastic moulded cufflinks too. We have seen some fairly stylish cufflinks carved from wood - and they can sometimes appear quite classy.

Metal: If you wanted a pair of highend cufflinks, gold or 925 sterling silver would be your metal choice. The price range and options would vary widely depending on a number of factors. The overall dimensions of your cufflinks, would dictate the metal weight required to make them sturdy and long lasting. If the cufflinks had gems, the choice of gem type, the quality of the gemstones and ofcourse the size of the gems would directly influence the price point of gold or sterling silver gemstone cufflinks. Also remember that natural gemstones would in general, cost more than factory made substitutes or look-alikes. In recent years, rising gold and silver prices have encouraged the development and market for cufflinks made with metals like brass and stainless steel. The important thing is that, when you talk about custom cuff links where the order quantity is limited to 1 to 5 pairs, gold and silver are the best options. Brass or stainless steel cufflinks will need larger volumes to make the project viable for the cufflink manufacturer.


cufflinks from Kaisilver, custom cufflinks in gold or 925 silver
An example of highend cufflinks custom made by Kaisilver. Your choice of design, gems and dimensions. The CUFF-02 is shown with natural topaz gems. You can see more cufflinks ... here.


Gemstones: Though your cufflinks need not compulsarily include gemstones, there is a growing trend towards wearing gem stone cufflinks in gold or 925 silver. When you decide to get a pair of gemstone cufflinks, set some parameters to streamline your search for the right cufflinks. For example, if all you want is the color of a specific gem without being particular about the stone being natural, there might be no need to spend heavily on natural gemstones. In many cases you could request for lab created gems that closely mimic the features of an original gemstone. For example, a pair of gold sapphire cufflinks where the gem size is around 8mm would be very expensive if you plan to go for medium to good quality natural sapphires. But if you want only the color and look of blue sapphire, a lab created blue sapphire gem would be many times cheaper as compared to cufflinks with natural blue sapphire gems. Gem size is also an important factor to be considered since, most gems get to be very expensive as the gem size increases. If you need a pair of silver or gold ruby cuff links, it would be a great idea to remain in the 3mm to 5mm gem size. The specific design of the cufflinks could be customized to include more than one ruby gem stone in this size range. You will also need to keep in mind that, not all gems are equally sturdy and durable. Your jeweler will need to let you have information related to the specific gems that you choose for your cufflinks. For example, if you plan to get a pair of turquoise cufflinks - it is not advisable to soak the cuff links in water.

Plain Cufflinks: When we talk about a pair of plain cuff links, we refer to cufflinks without gems. You might think that, such cufflinks would appear boring or dull, but that need not be the case. The shape, texture, design or even the finish on plain gold or 925 sterling silver cufflinks can add interest and beauty to them. You could for example, have a pair of cufflinks shaped like a cross. Or have some plain round cuff links with the Yin Yang symbol etched into the top. Besides the shape and engravings or etchings on plain cufflinks, you could also explore the idea of doing various textures on the surface. The high polish finish and the dull finish are probably the most common options selected but, other interesting ideas can also be considered. The hammered finish, a pebbled texture, a tree bark texture etc are some options. If you plain to go for a pair of plain gold cufflinks, the possibility of combining gold colors in the same pair of cuff links is interesting. Two tone gold cufflinks can combine white gold and yellow gold. If you like something unique and try white gold and rose gold combined for your gold cufflinks.

Platings: In this paragraph we will cover issues such as gold or rhodium plating and also, enamel and other colorings that are sometimes requested for cufflinks. While gold and silver still remain the prime choices for good quality cufflinks, the trend towards sterling silver cuff links is growing at a rapid pace. For cufflink buyers who move to silver because of high gold prices, the thought of plating silver cufflinks with gold or even platinum comes as a natural thought. However what you need to know is that, any type of plating done on silver will wear off after a time. Technically you could have the cufflinks re-plated at a jeweler but this might not always be easy or possible. A great idea would be to choose classic design for 925 silver cufflinks. If this right design selection is made and executed, the silver cufflinks will look awesome even if not gold plated. Such 925 silver cuff links will infact look even better as a bit of tarnish sets in. When it comes to unplated silver cufflinks, any tarnish that sets in can be polished away with commercially available silver polish lotions or fabrics. We would suggest that you discuss these issues with your jeweler before finalizing the purchase.

Let us now talk a bit about, various types of color elements added to cufflinks. Coating, painting and enamel application are the common options here. Cufflinks that use such processes might need special care when being worn or stored. Scratches might take away the color on the cufflinks, soaking in water might result in the color or enamel being damaged. In our opinion, coloring elements used in cheaper steel or base metal cufflinks might be okay but, if you are considering silver or gold cufflinks - keep such coloring options away and seek longterm durability.

Craftsmanship: When you talk about jewelry and craftsmanship, most people think that it is only the external appearance that is involved. What you should know is that, things like longterm durability can also be directly influenced by the quality of craftsmanship. For example if you had a pair of gem stone cufflinks in gold or 925 silver, a firm and sturdy gem mounting would require the skills of the craftsmen. Similarly, joining the top of the cufflinks with the base mechanism is something that needs a lot of care and attention. So if your cufflinks do not have good craftsmanship, you could find the stones becoming loose or even dropping off. Similarly, the cufflinks could break into pieces if the joining of the various components is not done well. An interesting case is where cufflinks are required to be specifically shaped - musical instruments, crosses, animals and birds etc are often depicted in gold or 925 sterling silver cufflinks. You might not be aware, that all these designs require skilled craftsmen and artisans to first, carve the design in wax. It is this carved wax that is then cast in metal and moulded to farm the master block. We remember having to once remake a pair of Lord Buddha cufflinks, several times before getting the right expression on the face of the Lord Buddha. Expert wax carvers take several hours and even days to do such intricate jobs, and it is technically not possible to make changes on the wax work for such detailed waxes. You need to start all over again from scratch and hope that the final result is perfect.


The above report makes a detailed analysis of various issues related to cufflinks. While most buyers would not expect to go through and understand such details when buying gold or 925 silver cufflinks, we urge you to read and understand the content. The point is that the information is general and will therefore be useful irrespective of where you buy your cufflinks from. While you might be tempted to see a brand name like Kaisilver and make a rush purchase, we request you to be patient. We are surely not the only source for cufflinks and do not plan to get into routine mass production. All Kaisilver jewelry including cufflinks is custom made by some of the finest craftsmen, artisans and designers. This is a time consuming process but, there are really no short cuts to make quality jewels.

Here are some examples of Kaisilver cufflinks. We can custom make cufflinks as per your designs or ours. Both gold and silver cufflinks have the same quality of design, gems and craftsmanship.

custom cufflinks in 14k or 18k gold, also 925 silver cufflinks carnelian gemstone cufflinks, kai silver onyx cufflinks for men

CUFF-01 Mens Cufflinks

CUFF-03 Carnelian Cuff Links

CUFF-04 Onyx Gem Cufflinks

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