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Custom Cuff Links, Silver Or Gold

custom cufflinks, gold or sterling silver cuff links with gem stones
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Cufflinks have today become more than a simple dress accessory. There was a time when all that was expected of a pair of cuff links was to hold the ends of the shirt sleeves together. Todays men demand style and durability, they will not be satisfied with the plastic and resin cufflinks that were thrown at them a few years ago. Customized cuff links allow you to express yourself and can include your preference for design, gemstones and metal. Kaisilver is the first high end online custom jewelry provider to accept orders custom made cufflinks. You need not order wholesale quantities. Even a single pair of cuff links can be ordered in gold or sterling silver. You can choose the gemstones of your choice and create a unique pair of birth stone cuff links too. Never before was this level of flexibility or customization provided for such unique cufflink orders. Further, the cufflinks need not be made only with gemstones. Initials, names, symbols can also be included in a pair of custom cufflinks. It is amazing to note that this flexibility is available even when you order a single pair of gold or silver cufflinks. If you had to gift a pair of cufflinks to a friend who is a musician or someone who loves music, the cufflinks could be made in gold or sterling silver with a musical note on the face. Similarly a baseball player would love to wear a pair of cufflinks that have the symbol of the baseball on the surface. The options are endless, your imagination and budget would be the only limitations. Ready made cufflinks might be cheaper but they are also flimsy, low metal weight and lack of individual attention do not work in the buyer interest. There ofcourse is no customization possible when you buy a pair of machine made, mass produced cufflinks.

Coming to another interesting situation where cufflinks would be useful, is for corporate gifts. Corporate cufflinks can have the logo of the organization shown on the face. A financial company might give away a pair of sterling silver cufflinks to all customers who open new accounts. Corporate cufflinks could also be given as prizes to company employees who perform well. Senior employees might even be gifted a pair of corporate cuff links made in gold. There is generally a difference between corporate cuff links and cufflinks ordered for personal use. If you had to order corporate cufflinks they would generally be required in fairly large numbers. This could be anywhere from 5 pairs to 1,000 pairs. This volume works to the advantage of the manufacturer and the buyer. To give you an example, a pair of custom cufflinks that include the logo of your company could be priced at around 300 U.S$ when ordered as a single pair. However, order 10 pairs and the price of the remaining 9 pairs of cufflinks could be around 65 U.S$ per pair. Move the volume up to around 100 pairs of cufflinks and the price would be around 35 U.S$. Don't jump to the conclusion that you have been overcharged (300 U.S$) for the single pair of cufflinks. When you order a single pair of cufflinks, the jeweler needs to make the design, wax mould, rubber mould and silver mould for that single pair. Almost none of the production processes can be mechanized as the volume is just 1 pair. However, when you order a larger volume, those initial overheads for moulding and design are spread over a larger base. This results in an overall price drop for the cufflinks, the jeweler will pass that benefit of volume to you. We have provided some interesting and useful links related to cuff links below. Visit these links and equip yourself with information that will guide you to make the right decision.

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