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Mothers day is today celebrated to pay tribute to one of the most important person in our life. In the U.S and many other nations, Mothers Day is observed on the second Sunday in the month of May. So while the exact date of Mothers Day might vary, the day is always fixed. Jewelry is one of the most popular gifts to be given on this day and could include, mother's rings, earrings, pendants, bangles and bracelets. Mother's pendants are a great gift idea and choosing the custom jewelry option, will allow you to get a personalized mothers pendant which could be a true one-of-a-kind gift. A custom made pendant would require some effort on your part and involve, a little more expensive and waiting time. To ensure that you get maximum benefits of a custom mother's pendant, there a few things that you will need to keep in mind. This report is all about knowing what inputs to gather inorder to get a mothers gift that, will please her.

Try to  think about the basic style that mother likes, does she prefer the classic and antique concept, would she rather have something with a more contemporary flavour. Some mothers prefer the bold and beautiful, others might show more interest in things that are fine and subtle. Your custom mothers pendant, will need to incorporate these elements. The choice of a gold or 925 silver pendant for your mother, will need to consider her preference but also respect your budget. A mothers gift is about meaning and sentiment, so do not put yourself in any substantial debt to buy this jewel. Kai Silver mothers jewelry orders often come from buyers who, pool together money from all family members or children - this is a good idea and might require some additional planning.

Let us discuss about the suitability of a pendant as a mothers gift. When ordering your custom pendant, you will not need to provide specific information like ring (finger) size. You would be aware that, the fingers of a person could swell with changed climatic conditions. Medical conditions brought about by advancing age, can also sometimes result in significant swelling of fingers - this could be accompanied with pain and discomfort. On the other hand a custom mothers pendant, will be far more comfortable to wear and can also be taken off easily. A pendant is also less likely to come in the way when, performing daily activities. With low wear and tear exposure, a mothers pendant will stay in good shape for a very long time. And if you plan to have this jewel go from generation to generation as a heirloom - a pendant is your best option.

The size of your custom made pendant will need some thought, so do read this paragraph well. While you would no doubt respect, your mother's preference when choosing the dimensions for the mothers pendant, other factors will also influence the final decision. The type of gemstone selected, the choice of metal and even the design concept can put limitations on your choice of pendant size. For example, if you decide to go for a mother's amethyst pendant - a gem size that is even 15mm would still be quite affordable. On the other hand, is you are going for a sapphire pendant, stay with a gem size of around 7mm round, 8x6mm oval or 9x7mm oval. A larger gemstone size would have a substantial price - gems like ruby, emerald and tanzanite fall in this category. The choice of metal can also dictate the selection of pendant size.  A large gold pendant, would require considerable gold weight to ensure that it is durable, low weight can often show up as sharp and pointed edges and corners. A mothers pendant made in gold with insufficient weight, can also lose shape easily. On the other hand, sterling silver is more moderately priced and you should be open for this metal option too. Fortunately a custom pendant, will allow features like metal, gem type and size and even pendant dimensions to be customized. For example, you could retain the overall appearance of a large pendant that you like and choose to reduce the gem and pendant dimensions.


Kaisilver custom pendants: All our jewelry is custom made in the true sense of the word 'customized'. You can choose the design for your pendant from our collection or send us your own images and sketches. Since we procure all gems directly from miners and custom cut each piece, you are not limited by gem type, shape or size. The same team of extremely skilled artisans work on gold and 925 silver custom jewels, so quality of craftsmanship will never be a problem. We urge you to discuss your requirements with our team at without any obligation to make any purchase from us.


All Our Pendants Can Be Crafted In Gold Or Silver With Gems Of Your Choice. We Also Welcome Your Own Design Images And Sketches.

mothers pendant, garnet gold or 925 sillver This mothers pendant tells a story - a classic and timeless tale of beauty and grace. Combine this with the complete personalization that we offer for all custom jewellery and get a one-of-a-kind mothers gift. Shown here as a big garnet gold or 925 silver pendant with, a gorgeous fine cut red garnet, the jewel can also be ordered with any gem of your choice. Keeping the fact that, not all gems are found or affordable in such large sizes, we offer different gem and pendant dimensions based on the gemstone that you choose. Choose yellow, white or rose gold for the gold pendant or just go for the more moderately priced sterling silver option. As you can see from the image, the pendant is made to gracefully slide over a chain. The diamonds on either side of the big garnet, do add to the price tag but you can request for these to be replaced with gems of your choice. Open up a discussion with our support experts and explore all interesting customization options for your mothers garnet gem stone ring. A lot more information related to options and pricing is available here.

custom made mothers jewelry, blue topaz pendant Age is after all just a number and if you agree with this, take a look at this awesome blue topaz mothers pendant. A contemporary style that has elegance written all over it. Go for a this custom pendant in gold or 925 silver and get the same fine craftsmanship. Each of the 6 points in this custom mothers pendant, is set with a genuine glittering diamond. A top quality design from end to end, the artistic bale that holds the chain proves our dedication to quality and detail. Notice the shape on the custom cut gem. it is an hexagonal cut and goes perfectly with the six pointed star theme. While you could choose the gem of your choice, the good news is that blue topaz is available in 3 awesome shades of blue. If you wish to get a birth stone pendant for your mother, give special attention to this made to order pendant. We would suggest that, you do not rush to place your order before taking advice from our support team. Realizing that this is meant to be a special gift for someone very special to you. we wish to ensure that you get the best. Get details about this gorgeous pendant here.

mothers cross pendant with gemstone A classic fresh look for the all time favorite - a gem stone cross pendant. It is no surprise that Kaisilver reports this pendant, as being one of the top mothers jewelry pieces sold each year. A substantial oval gem in the center of the cross, shown here as a citrine but left for you to choose. The red gems a t the ends of each of the cross segment are bright red rubies - you once again have the final gem selection say when ordering this mothers cross pendant. An artistic design combines with excellent craftsmanship to deliver an irresistable mother's gift pendant. The modestly priced gold cross pendant, is available in 14k or 18k gold and crafted in yellow, pink (rose) or white gold. We are one of the very few fine jewellery providers to give the same attention and quality for gold and sterling silver jewellery orders. Keep in mind that classic antique styles like this one, seem to look even better when finely crafted in sterling silver. So silver besides providing a more moderately priced option also, enhances the look of antique jewelry concepts. We have more on this elegant gem cross pendant ... here.

made to order pendants, mothers pendant with jade Known for thousands of years, jade is a gem that needs no introduction today. This Kaisilver custom mothers pendant, is shown here with a natural jade gemstone. Intricately designed and expertly crafted, this antique pendant concept can be ordered with the gem of your choice. Other opaque gems which are also very popular include brown agate, lace agate, black onyx, malachite and surely blue lapis lazuli. If your mother is one of those many jewelry lovers who wears gems with traditional beliefs and customs, ask her whether she would prefer to have the gem in this pendant touch the skin. Since we carefully select and custom cut every gem that is set in this mother's pendant, we can cut the piece to have a slightly rounded base. With this option, you can be assured that the gem that is cut without a sharp cut in the base will not scratch or hurt delicate skin. You can request for personalization of every feature in this gold or 925 sterling silver pendant. It is possible to change the dimensions for this pendant, you can also request for gem options not mentioned in the list. Read all about this custom mothers pendant option and discuss your requirements with our experts here.



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