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Emerald Ring

Understanding And Choosing Emerad Rings

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An emerald ring was considered to be a prized jewel since a few centuries. Emerald is also the May birth stone and is beleived to bring success in love. When choosing an emerald ring you need to know one very important thing and that refers to the clarity of emerald gems. In the gemstone trade it is believed that the higher the clarity of a gem stone the higher it's value. However when it comes to emeralds, gemstone lovers believe that the inclusions and fissures in emeralds are like birthmarks given by nature. All emerald rings would have inclusions, irrespective of their price tags. If you find an emerald that is 2 carats of above and is eye clean, you need to do a thorough check on the gemstone. It is most likely that the emerald is a fake, though there are chances that it has been leaked from some famous musuem! Emeralds are green, the color that is associated with nature and everything that is peaceful and calm. Another interesting thing about green is that it looks fine in all gold colors and wears well on all skin tones. You can therefore choose a yellow gold or white gold emerald ring according to your personal liking. It is not uncommon to come across white gold emerald rings that include a few glittering diamonds. Emerald diamond rings are popular as special occassion jewels for weddings and engagements. White gold emerald diamond rings give the appearance of something that is natural, pure and gentle. Emeralds are available in different grades and price ranges reflect this. A custom emerald ring would allow you good flexibility since you could choose the gemstone grade and also the ring design and dimensions.

Different gems have different properties, and these will need to be considered when wearing, storing or cleaning jewelry with those gems. We mentioned above that, emeralds include a lot of natural inclusions and fissures (cracks). Irrespecitve of whether your jeweler tells you or not, you can safely presume that the gemstone in your emerald gold ring would be treated. Since ancient times, emeralds have been treated with natural oils. Oil treatment of emeralds allows the oils to seep into the fine cracks of the gemstone. This 'softens' the appearance of the cracks and also adds to the lustre of the gemstone. Your emerald gem stone ring would have passed through this treatment too and will need some precautions to be taken when wearing or cleaning the ring. Since part of the beauty of the gemstone in your emerald ring is due to the natural oil treatment of the gem stone, anything that causes the gemstone to lose these oils would reduce the beauty of your yellow or white gold emerald ring. Prolonged exposure to strong heat or light can cause the oils in the emerald to dry up. You should therefore keep your emerald ring away from high heat and temperature. Using strong detergents and other chemicals to clean your emerald ring can also affect the oils in the gem stone. Ultrasonic cleaners are often used to clean jewelry, keep your emerald ring away from such cleaners. The natural fissures and inclusions in emeralds also makes them prone to cracking or chipping when struck with physical impact. We have provided a few interesting links related to emeralds below, information for cleaning emerald rings and some excellent suggestions for emerald rings have been included.

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