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Fashion jewelry buyers are mainly the younger generation. Such buyers might like to have a fashion pendant to match each dress or a fashion bracelet to go with each type of trouser or skirt. An interesting thing about fashion jewels is that buyers need all this diversity at a low price point. This probably is one of the reasons for the increase in plastic, resin and even paper and cloth based fashion jewels. It is however possible to make inexpensive fashion jewelry using materials like copper, sterling silver, gemstones, pearls and even wood. Fashion pearl bangles with cultured pearls or fashion pendants with turquoise and agate need not be expensive. However, not many manufacturers are interested in producing and supplying such merchandise. The profit margins for fashion jewelry is very narrow, you need to sell large volumes to make any noticeable profits. At the same time, there is a big risk of changing fashions rendering inventory unsaleable. Fortunately there are a few fashion jewelry providers who are willing to cater to small buyers with limited budgets. The inventory of these providers needs to have variety and needs to track fashion trends at the same time. It is not sufficient to get attractive wholesale prices, the final buyer who buys a single piece or two, should also see an attractive price tag. Such fashion jewelry providers need to build up a large network of fashion jewelry producers, longterm contracts ensure that good jewelry is supplied at low price points. Market research is done to estimate the market requirements in terms of designs, materials, price points and fashion trends. This approach works to the benefit of young buyers who look for trendy fashion jewels at inexpensive prices.

Check the links below and you will find some exciting fashion pendants, fashion pearl jewelry, fashion bangles and fashion bracelets. You will be surprised to know that, the low prices displayed on these links are for retail (single piece) purchases and do not require you to buy dozens of fashion jewels. An interesting collection of copper jewelry is one of the highlights so give it a look.

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