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Feng Shui Gems And Jewelry

Factors That Would Define Quality

Most feng shui teachers have managed to weave gems and crystals into their feng shui teachings. For those of you who are familiar with the use of gems in concepts like crystal theraphy, understanding gems in feng shui might be a bit easier. Since feng shui mainly deals with the way in which, humans interact with their environment - geographical positions and directions are given special importance. This concept of direction is carried over to gems related to feng shui too. For example, if you hear that peridot spreads good energies related to the giving of life and health - there would surely be a specific direction in which peridot should be placed to get the benefit of these positive energies. The interesting thing is that, the same peridot if placed in another direction could actually prevent the spread of negative energies.

Kaisilver often gets queries from buyers who believe in the tradition of feng shui. The request could be for a 4 carat ruby gemstone ring. In the normal course of our business as high end custom jewelry providers, we are a bit cautious in responding and quoting prices for such requests. General jewelry buyers would expect to get a medium to good quality ruby gemstone, for such a query. Going by this generalization, we might quote a price of around 5,000 U.S$ to even 8,000 U.S$ depending on the gem quality and the choice of metal (gold or 925 silver). This might please some buyers, as the price is indeed attractive for such a ruby ring. However in the case of a buyer looking to wear the jewel to confirm to feng shui concepts, the above price would most probably be way too high. So should we say that feng shui and crystal theraphy believers, look for cheap gems or jewelry - the answer is a big NO. Continue reading and understand why.

The jewelry and gem industry as we know it, relies on fashion, style and trends to stay in business and grow. A lady might choose a ruby ring as her birthstone jewel but, she would most probably be satisfied with a 1 to 2 carat ruby gemstone. The feng shui related buyer, would have a different approach to the selection of the ruby gemstone for his or her ring. Emphasis would be given to the gem being natural and not synthetic, the gem weight (4 carat) might have specific significance too, the buyer might be very interested in getting a ruby that is left in it's natural condition without being treated. As compared to these criteria, the general expectation of gem and jewelry lovers is to get a ruby with good color, good transparency and they would surely accept a heated (treated) stone.

So when you choose a gemstone based on specific beliefs that you hold, use this as a check list:

Is the gemstone natural and not man made.

Can you get an untreated gemstone.

Can the specific weight requirement be accommodated.

Does the stone shape allow it to be set in a gold or silver mount.

Let's get into a bit more detail about the features that would influence 'quality' for feng shui gemstones. Taking the example of a 4 carat ruby gem, you would do good to look for a cabachon (smooth) cut stone. It does not matter whether the ruby was mined in Mozambique or in Burma, as long as it is natural. If you are on a tight budget, do not give undue importance to clarity and transparency. An opaque ruby stone as long as it is natural will be perfect for your purpose. Just to give you an idea, a sterling silver finely crafted ring with a 4 carat cabachon natural ruby gem can be ordered at Kai Silver for around 500 U.S$ to 700 U.S$. Expect the ruby to have very low or even no transparency, we can provide an untreated gem.

There was a time when people 'wore' a gemstone merely by tying it to their arm with a piece of cloth or silver wire. You will not see much of that today, so consider the option of setting your feng shui gemstone in a gold or 925 silver mount. Traditionally, most gemstone jewelry that is worn for reasons of customs or beliefs, is preferred in sterling silver. In the ancient times it was believed that, silver had the power to protect a person from dangerous poisons. This is just one of the many pieces of folklore that is attached to the classic white metal (silver). However there is no hard and fast rule that dictates the requirement of sterling silver for feng shui jewelry, so follow your preference and keep an eye on your budget. One thing is certain and that is, that the level of 'good energies' that are encouraged by the feng shui gem or jewel will not, depend on the price that you pay for the gem or jewel!

feng shui gems and jewelry
Garnet is just one of the gems that features in feng shui gemstone and crystal references. When it comes to high priced gems like emerald, sapphire and ruby - the normal standards of color, clarity and luster can drive prices very high. While choosing gemstones for feng shui concepts, give more importance to the gems being natural and less to external beauty. This will ensure that you can get your feng shui gems and jewels at moderate prices, we have more details and examples on this topic here.


So the next time you have a requirement for a feng shui gemstone or jewel, just explain your requirement to our support staff at sales@kaisilver.com They will ensure that the features that matter to you the most, are present in the gemstone. You surely need not be limited to what you see on our website, we can design and craft a jewel specifically for you. We will also make every attempt to tailor the price tag to your budget. And if you belong to that select group that has a passion for feng shui and are not, limited by strict budget allocations - let us know and we will ensure that, your jewel combines the feng shui tradition with style and glitter.

Kaisilver is the world's leading online custom jewelry provider. All jewelry is custom made by some of the finest craftsmen and artisans. Direct contracts with global mining resources put more than 200 million carats of gems at our disposal. Our gem experts closely inspect every gem stone before custom cutting it. The jewelry you order can request for a gem from any part of our planet, we are capable of procuring and custom cutting it for you. Our buyers include, fashion models, politicians, government officials, sportsmen, lawyers, financial experts, resort and casino owners, doctors and surgeons, professors, students, members of the armed forces and others. We rely completely on satisfied buyers to grow our business. For this reason, customer satisfaction is our lifeline and not a mere business policy. Contact us at sales@kaisilver.com if you have questions or requirements related to gems and jewelry.


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