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When it comes to mens dress styles, greens have are basically an in and out. But the demand for natural green gems in mens rings and jewelry has always remained impressive. It probably is easier to relate these sparkling beauties, to the greens experienced in nature. Green gems come in a range of hues and saturations, and there is bound to be at least one green gemstone to please every man on this planet. In some cases the choice of a specific green gemstone for a mens ring, is selected because of the meaning assigned to the stone. For example, a mens green gemstone ring with a peridot gemstone would represent the month of August on the birthstone charts. Similalry, an emerald mens ring would signify a green gem that is listed as the May birthstone.

If you are considering a mens gold or 925 silver ring with a green gem and are, open to suggestions - the information in this report will be useful to you. Just as all green leaves do not have an identical shade of green, green gemstones can also be found in a range of green shades. Men generally prefer darker gem colors so, stones like green tourmaline should be on your list. However if, you are keen to get a mens ring with a green gem that has a bighter (green) color, then take a look at peridot. Emeralds are well known but, the cost factor can put this green gem out of your budget range. Another green gemstone that has been known for a very long time is green jade, a transluscent to opaque gem.

One thing that you should give importance to when it comes to mens rings, is the toughness of the gemstone. You just cannot expect a man to fuss over his jewelry - the jewel will ideally need to look after itself! What you must keep in mind is that, the toughness of a green gem will not be proportionate to it's price. For example, a mens green gemstone ring with emerald would have a significant cost component for the gemstone. At the same time, the natural characteristics of emeralds makes them a bit more prone to getting damaged. Peridot another green gem, would cost much less than an emerald even if the peridot gem quality was high. At the same time peridot does not, show the characteristics, fissures and inclusions that are present in emeralds. These natural characteristics of an emerald compromise it's toughness to a certain degree. If you are giving high points for gem toughness, green tourmaline and green jade would interest you.

We have presented a few green gemstone rings for men below. These are custom made mens rings that can be crafted in gold or 925 sterling silver. When ordering jewelry from Kaisilver, you can always choose the design, dimensions, metal and gemstones of your choice. The good thing about our our jewelry is that, the quality of gems and worksmanship is maintained for gold and silver options. In general we could say that, 925 sterling silver is a more popular choice when it comes to mens rings. The casual but classic look of silver combined with, it's reasonable price makes it perfect for mens jewelry.  


mens green peridot gemstone ring

The impressive olive green color of peridot makes it an impressive green gem for men. Looking beyond the beauty and fresh aura of peridot, the gemstone holds some fascinating details. Peridot is formed deep within the the earth where, temperature and pressure is so high, that nothing remains in a solid state. When the land is subjected to violent volcanic activity, the mineral (olivine) that forms peridot, is ejected closer to the surface of the earth. The lower temperature allows the mineral to solidify, and a small portion of that turns out to have gem quality material. This is what forms the green gemstone peridot. Scientists have found small portions of peridot in some (very few) meteorites that crashed to the earths surface. While this is enough factual story to make peridot a recommended green gemstone for men, the stone has more impressive features too. For men who like to stay updated with the (true) stories of natural gems, the great news is that, peridot is not externally treated to enhance it's appearance or beauty. It belongs to the rare breed of gems referred to as 'untreated gemstones'. For all these outstanding features, peridot is modestly priced and also happens to be the birthstone for the month of August. We have compiled a comprehensive report on the MAN64P mens green peridot gemstone ring, you can read all about that here.


green tourmaline gemstone ring for men

Tourmaline is found in a range of colors and green is one of them. For men who look for green gems with a deeper and more saturated shade of green, tourmaline is one green stone that should not be missed. Born with toughness, and showing an upward price movement for the past several years, green tourmaline is perfect for mens and ladies jewelry. You really could not make a direct comparison between peridot and green tourmaline because, they are both awesome in their own right. However for those of you who are looking for a green gem stone for a man, keep in mind that green tourmaline is at least 5 to 10 times more expensive than peridot. For a mens green gem stone ring, that requires a gem in the 2 to 3 carat size range, the choice of green tourmaline could fit many budgets. Tourmaline is generally cut in oval or round shapes, the square green tourmaline gemstone that you see in this ring is not a common shape - this adds to the value and attractiveness of the ring. Talking about green tourmaline as a birthstone is interesting, many jewelry lovers refer to this stone as the birthstone for March or even the birthstone for the month of October. Strictly speaking, it does not find a place in the modern birthstone chart. The MAN63 has been one of our biggest selling mens ring design concepts, read more about this amazing ring here.


mens emerald gemstone ring, an option for a mens green gem stone ring

One of the most precious green gemstones that a man could hope for, emerald has been known for thousands of years. Hailed throughout history as the gemstone, meant for the rich and powerful - emerald has always enjoyed a premium price level. For men born in the month of May, this green gemstone would represent their birthstone. Many gem lovers believe that an emerald represents true love, it is also believed to help mend broken relationships. One of the features that you would expect from a green gem for men relates to the toughness of the stone. On this count, emerald does falter a bit and it is one of it's natural characteristics that compromises it's durability. Emeralds take billions of years to form and this long and eventful period results in the gemstone, showing internal fissures. This is true of all natural emeralds, and implies that the green gem does need some care and attention. When designing and crafting the MAN71 mens emerald gemstone ring, we took the durability factor of the stone into consideration. This is the reason why the emeralds in this ring were kept at a modest size and set, into the metal. The larger the emerald the more expensive it is and the more likely, it is to get damaged by physical impact. For men with a keen desire to wear a truly precious green gemstone, there is no overlooking an emerald. Get all details related to this mens emerald ring here.


mens green gem ring, green jade ring for men

Surely one of the top choices for a mens green gemstone jewel. Jade as a gemstone includes both jadeite and nephrite. While there is no doubt about the impressive beauty of jade, this is one stone that will also take care of itself and not request too much fussing. The beginnings of this green gemstone were not related to gem or jewelry applications, man originally carved weapons, tools and arrow heads from jade. The internal structure of jade gives it a level of toughness that goes far beyond what it's Mohs scale hardness would suggest. The craze for green jade gemstones with a uniform, green color has driven the price of fine jade beyond what most buyers are willing to spend. Gem manufacturers have tried to satisfy markets by, dyeing jade to a gorgeous green color. In a way dyed jade, has made good looking jade more affordable but, we have a different opinion on this. For men looking for a green jade gemstone, we would suggest natural nephrite (also jade) with it's dark green color and NOT dyed. You will find some, light and dark color streaks in such a piece of jade but, keep in mind that the stone would be natural, it would be jade and it would be untreated. The MAN10 mens green jade gemstone ring is shown with a 4 to 5 carat dyed green jade gem. A ring with a similar looking jadeite gem but untreated, could end up cost as much as 4,000 U.S$ to 6,000 U.S$ (just for the gem). You could also request for the (untreated) nephrite jade option. We have more information on this ring here.



men's green tourmaline ring

A hefty men's green gemstone ring, the MAN136 green tourmaline ring adorns a large 11x9mm oval tourmaline gemstone. While it is true that the price of green tourmaline has moved up significantly in recent years, the gemstone offers good value at that price point. Men will adore the silent green color of the tourmaline, it is a stylish green that confidently delivers a refined look and appeal. You can order the big tourmaline ring in gold or 925 silver, both metals options have uniform quality standards. The large dimensions of this men's green tourmaline ring, are supported by a substantial metal weight. The tourmaline gold ring can be ordered in 14k or 18k gold, you can select from white, yellow or rose gold. Since each men's tourmaline ring is custom made, it is possible to accommodate all ring size requests. The ring has all the features expected of a formal wear ring, you could pick for a men's wedding ring. Green tourmaline is a tough gemstone, just make sure that you don't bang it against hard objects or surfaces. The ring will keep its stylish look intact for many years. Learn all about this sturdy men's green stone ring ... here.


mens green jade gemstone ring

Kaisilver delivers the unthinkable, natural untreated jadeite from the Burmese mines at an affordable price. Working in the close vicinity of the mining locations, we procure moderately priced jadeite rough directly from the mine operators. This material would normally be put through a dyeing process to enhance its color and overall beauty. Close access to the mining pits allows us to pick out the stone before it is carried to the treatment centers. The MAN125 men's jade ring has a natural jadeite stone. Available as a gold or silver men's green jade ring, the jewel carries a very reasonable price tag. The name jade, covers two stones namely jadeite and nephrite. Most gem buyers consider jadiete to be a better option for jade. The stone is mined only in Burma and can often cost as much as diamond. When you wear an untreated jade ring, you reveal your refined taste for quality jewelry. We can also craft your men's green jade gemstone ring with your own design idea. Review more details for the MAN125 jade ring ... here.



Natural, Untreated Nephrite Jade

nephrite jade untreated
The above image would give you a clear idea of what, untreated, natural nephrite jade would look like. Both nephrite and jadeite are referred to as jade. When it comes to green gems for men, the dark green color of nephrite, is more likely to impress. You could request for the MAN10 mens jade ring to be made with an untreated nephrite gem.


Before we complete this report on green gems suitable for men, we owe you some clarifications. In recent years, television sales channels have been desperately promoting, two green gemstones - green fluorite and green chrome diopside. They recommend and offer these two green gems in all types of jewelry for both, men and ladies. Surprisingly neither of these green stones have found a mention in this report. The fact is that, both green chrome diopside and green fluorite are relatively soft and require a significant amount of care when being worn, cleaned and stored. If you had to leave the sales hype aside and take the opinion of a seasoned gem expert, they would tell you that these green gemstones are more suitable for pendants and earrings. The idea is to set these gems in jewels where the, degree of wear and tear on the jewels is not very high.

There are a few green gemstones that are generally found in smaller sizes, they also happen to be quite expensive. Good examples are green demantoid garnet and tsavorite garnet. Since most mens rings would have gems in the 3 carat and above range both, demantoid and tsavorite are bound to add a substantial cost component to the jewel.


Kaisilver Rings: At Kaisilver we custom make all types of jewelry with gems, designs and metal of your choice. While you could pick any jewel from our website and request for it to be crafted with a green gemstone, you can also send us images and sketches of your own designs - we will gladly custom make them for you. Do contact our support experts at for any requirements or queries that you might have. We do not mind if you purchase nothing from us and finally make buy your jewelry from another jeweler, all we want is for you to make a well informed buying decision.


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