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Large Heart Shape Pendant

Suggestions And Tips For Large Heart Shape Pendants

So just how large can a large heart shape pendant be. What is the ideal size for large heart pendants. These are two simple questions that raise a large number of questions and related factors to be analyzed and answered. In this Kaisilver report, we will discuss these issues in detail. The idea is to make you aware of all related factors and equip you with information that can be used to make the right buying decision. The information is general and is not limited to Kaisilver jewelry or products. You should therefore read and understand the contents for one good reason, no other jeweler would care to educate and inform buyers with essential details like we do.

Plain Heart Pendants: These are heart pendants that do not have gems or diamonds set in them. All of us know that the meaning and significance of a heart pendant is in the basic heart shape. For this reason, a large plain heart pendant would do just fine. If you are interested in getting a plain heart pendant, options do exist for you to add beauty and interest to the jewel. For example, textures can be done on the surface of the pendant - these could include a dull brushed finish, a slight hammered finish, a combination of dull and high polish finish etc. It is also possible to have intricate designs and patters etched on a large heart shape pendant. Abstract designs, leaves, flowers, religious symbols and even short words can be etched on a pendant that has no gems or diamonds. Some of these ideas can ofcourse be incorporated into pendants with gems or diamonds too.

In the case of a plain heart pendant, the cost factor would depend on the design, metal choice and metal weight. So if you talk about budgeting for this type of a large heart pendant, you could first consider your personal preference for pendant size. Then discuss the jewel with your jeweler making sure that, sufficient metal weight is provided for the jewel. Once you have the price quote for the large heart shape pendant in hand, set it against your budget and arrive at a decision that does not strain your budget too much. Some optins that could be used to reduce the cost of your heart shape pendant is, to choose silver instead of gold, reduce the dimensions of the pendant, switch from 18k gold to 14k gold. Your jeweler should be able to guide you better depending on each specific case.

Gemstone Heart Pendants: This is a very popular and interesting option for heart pendants. Let us include diamonds and gems in the category of large gem stone heart shape pendants. The term large gemstone pendants can mean different things to different buyers, so here are the implications. You could have a single large heart shaped gem set in gold or sterling silver pendant. Just how big this gem stone would be depends on the gemstone type and your budget. For example when it comes to gems like white or blue topaz and amethyst, the heart gem could be in the 20 to 30 carat range and still, have a price tag that fits many budget ranges. Another option for large gemstone heart pendants would be where, the design uses many small gems and/or diamonds. While such gem stone heart pendants are very suitable for gems that are expensive or too rare in large sizes, they can also be used for the more moderately priced gems like topaz, citrine etc. This concept for large heart shaped pendants, allows different gem types or even gems and diamonds to be combined in the same pendant. Such pendants often do not have heart shaped gems at all. For example, you could have a gold or silver mounting in the shape of a heart. This could be set with 3mm round gems all around the border or on the entire face of the pendant. Here again, specific requirements will need help and guidance from your jeweler. In general, the price of gems per carat can move up sharply as the gem size increases.

Metal Choice: As of today, the most popular metal choices for a large heart shape pendant would be silver and gold. This could change in the near future as the price of gold hits new highs and shows no signs of receding. The dimensions of a large heart pendant cannot be viewed or decided in isolation. Metal choice defines a cost factor and this is especially true if you plan to get a large gold pendant. Just keep in mind that a jewel needs to be provided with sufficient metal weight to support it's dimensions. You could therefore say in general that, a gold heart pendant would most likely be ordered in smaller dimensions as compared to a similar pendant in 925 sterling silver. In cases where you prefer a large pendant but find that a large 14k or 18k gold heart shape pendant is way beyond your budget, you should give serious thought to a sterling silver pendant. It is true that many jewelers do not wish to make single piece silver jewelry and even if they do, provide shabby design and craftsmanship for the silver jewel. Fortunately we at Kaisilver have always given equal attention and importance to gold and 925 sterling silver jewelry. Keep looking and you might come across other custom jewelry providers who offer such services too. The main thing is that there is no technical reason why a large silver heart pendant, needs to be of a lower quality as compared to a gold pendant.

Personal Preference: The first suggestion is to start with your personal preference regarding, the dimensions for your large heart shape pendant. Once you have arrived at that decision put all the other factors including budget allocated into the equation. Next discuss your requirements with your jeweler, more importantly discuss and debate issues that could allow you to get the pendant of your liking without compromising on quality. For example, moving from an 18k heart pendant to a 14k heart pendant could moderate the price to a certain extent. A jump from a large gold heart shaped pendant to a similar pendant in 925 silver should see a substantial reduction on the price tag. Similarly if you desire to get a large blue gem stone heart pendant, learning about blue topaz as an option instead of insisting on blue sapphire will work to your benefit. The basic idea is to discuss with your jeweler and try to find a way to get, the dimensions that you prefer by considering various options.

Budget For Pendant:  Few of us are lucky enough to have a huge budget or an inlimited budget when it comes to shopping for jewelry. Personal budgets could differ and it is this factor that will moderate all the above factors, when deciding on which large heart pendant to buy. For example, you might have heard that blue sapphires are gorgeous, they are extremely durable. But if you need a large gem stone heart shaped pendant with a budget of around 1,000 U.S$ to 3,000 U.S$ - you would surely not manage a heart sapphire pendant that is more than 2 to 3 (maximum) carats. Once you have acquired all technical guidance from your jeweler, you will need to sit down and make a selection that brings in the features and your budget. Depending on how helpful your jeweler is, you might have to do all the work by yourself. You are ofcourse welcome to email our support team at sales@kaisilver.com with any doubts or queries that you have. There is absolutely no need to make a purchase from us, we therefore encourage you to take advantage of our expertise.

Chain Requirements: Your large heart shape pendant will obviously need to be worn with a chain. Keep in mind that a large pendant worn on a thin flimsy chain will look quite strange. It is great if you already have a suitable chain for your heart pendant but, if you do not have one - remember to work the budget of the chain into your buying plan. This might not be a very big issue when it comes to 925 silver heart pendants, but a large gold pendant would mean substantial investment in a good and thick gold chain too. If you plan to gift the heart pendant to someone, try to find out if the person already has a chain. You can then select the pendant based on the chain owned by the intended receiver of the pendant. It is surprising to see how these small details are often forgotten by jewelry buyers. The excitement of choosing a new jewel, could make you overlook this important detail.

Customized Pendant: There is no doubt that a custom heart pendant would give you more satisfaction and more value for your money. If you see a large 18k sapphire and diamond heart pendant and love the style but, cannot match the price - a custom heart pendant can help. You could probable have a similar sapphire pendant made with smaller dimensions and use 14k gold instead of 18k gold. If this is still beyond what you can budget, then consider choose another blue gemstone like a swiss blue or london blue topaz instead of a sapphire. You could ofcourse switch to a sterling silver heart pendant instead of a gold pendant. Another important thing about a custom heart pendant is that, you can request for your choice of design and not be restricted by what is available with a particular jeweler at that particular point in time. In general, custom heart shape pendants and other custom made jewelry, is more likely to have good design, gems and craftsmanship as compared to off the shelf buys. This is because a custom jeweler needs to satisfy only you for a particular jewel requirement - he need not worry about pleasing mass markets.

Fake Gems: All references to gem stones made above presume that the gemstones in your large heart shape pendant are natural. However it is true that man made gems in various sizes, shapes and colors have for long been used in the gems and jewelry industry. There is nothing wrong with a man made fake gem as long as, you know what you are getting and get the worth of the price that you pay. An interesting case is about the big blue heart pendant worn by Kate Winslet in the movie Titanic. The big blue stone heart pendant used to shoot the movie was actually a fake, though many thought that it was a natural blue sapphire surrounded by diamonts. Cubic zirconia a factory made stone was used for the center blue stone, similar white cubic zirconia was used instead of the surrounding diamonds. To give you an idea, we could make the same pendant in Cubic Zirconia and silver for around 400 U.S$ to 500 U.S$. The same CZ pendant in 14k gold would cost around 2,000 U.S$ to 3,000 U.S$. But had the center large blue stone been a genuine blue sapphire and the surrounding stones been genuine diamonds, the pendant would wear a price tag of around 2.5 to 3 million U.S$! We can produce a large heart pendant for you with fake man made gems but, we will first of all need an assurance from you stating that, you fully understand that you are not getting a natural gemstone.


big heart pendant topaz large heart shaped pendant gold or silver
A huge blue gemstone heart pendant, natural swiss blue, sky blue or london blue topaz gemstone. Handpicked and custom cut. Choice of a gold or 925 sterling silver heart shaped gem stone pendant... more. A fine cut swiss blue topaz heart shaped gem, set in a classic gold mounting. Choose from a 14k or 18k blue topaz heart pendant. You can ofcourse request for the same pendant to be made in sterling silver too ,,, more.


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