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Blue Gem Stone Rings For Men

If you had to observe men's gem stone rings you will notice that, blue and back gems are the most common gems. Blue is regarded as the color of the skies and oceans, the sky signifies the pinnacle and oceans which contain water that is essential to life on our planet. Another important reason for the popularity of mens blue gem stone rings is the fact that, blue represents a color that is not loud or flashy. Most men like their jewelry to be quietly confident, many blue gems are ideally suited for this requirement. In this report we will discuss some popular options for a blue gemstone men's ring. We will also shed light on the durability factor involved in various gems that are blue in color. After all it is not just the design of your mens blue gem ring that needs to be considered. Factors like metal weight, type of gem mounting and the gem stone type all need to be given importance.

Blue Sapphire: When it comes to durability sapphire which belongs to the corundum mineral family rates very high. The gem stone in your blue sapphire ring would boast of an impressive rating of 9, very good considering the fact that 10 is the rating for diamonds. While sapphires are found in many colors, deep blue sapphires are always in demand when it comes to gem rings for men. If you were getting a mens birth stone ring, Sapphire would be the September birth stone.

Blue Lapis: An interesting gem stone, Lapis Lazuli has been known to man for many thousand years. While silver blue lapis rings for men are more common, you can get a 925 silver or gold lapiz lazuli men's ring. Basically a blue opaque gem with white specks, the existence of calcite in the stone can give it a white patchy appearance too. This is not a very expensive gem and neither is it very strong and durable. Most lapis gems are cut as smooth gems with no facets. If you choose this stone for your blue gem men's ring be prepared to give it a bit of care and attention. Importantly keep it away from hard objects, as these could damage the gem. This gem is more suitable for pendants and bracelets, these jewels have lesser wear and tear as compared to rings.

Sodalite: A gem that can appear quite similar to lapis, infact sodalite is one of the consituents of blue lapis. Not a very popular gems for mens rings, mainly worn by people who believe in the special properties of the gem. Although not a very expensive gem, most of the 'sodalite' that is sold is infact blue lapis!. It is probably the inexpensive price of this gem that makes it popular for silver rings.

Blue Topaz: A great option for men's rings, blue topaz is available in 3 types of blue. The very pale blue topaz is also referred to as sky blue topaz. This gem can resemble aquamarine at least to the untrained eye. A men's swiss blue topaz ring would have a gem that is a much brighter blue in color. The deep rich blue color of london blue topaz is undoubetdly the most sought after shade of blue topaz for mens rings. Topaz has good hardness and durability, it is very attractively priced and economical for gold or silver mens rings. If you were looking for a blue mens gem stone ring with good clarity, color and size blue topaz would be one of the top choices. Mens topaz rings could have gems that are in the 3 carat to 10 carat range. Beware of blue topaz gems that are merely coated blue. These gems will loose color of repolished or recut.

Aquamarine: It is interesting to know that most of the aquamarine gems that are mined are a greenish-blue in color. Heat treatment applied to rough aquamarine weakens or eliminates the green color tone and makes the blue more pronounced. Expect aquamarine to be quite pale in color, white gold or silver can better allow the color of this pale blue gem to show. Aquamarine comes from the beryl mineral family, this family includes stalwarts like emerald, morganite, bixbite and aquamarine. The good news is that aquamarine does not inherit the existence of visible inclusions and fissures from emerald (another beryl gem). Thought not as cheap as blue topaz, this gem is still a good value for your money. Your aquamarine mens rings will be strong and durable if designed and crafted well. The gem itself is quite sturdy and no special precautions are required when wearing or cleaning your blue aquamarine mens ring.

Turquoise: This is the birth stone for December, and would be your choice of you were born in the same month. Turquoise is a blue to blue-green gem and has natural black veins running through it. These black lines are clearly visible on the surface of the gem stone too. Turquoise when mined is not very sturdy and is considered to be unstable for jewelry applications. Your blue turquoise gem stone men's ring will most probably have a gem that is 'stabilized'. A special process increases the strength of the gem stone and also makes it more stable. Beware of blue plastic pieces being produced in China, these are often sold as 'turquoise'. When ordering your blue turquoise mens ring avoid a design that allows the gem stone to protrude too much. This will reduce the chances of the gem being damaged by physical impact.

Kayanite: This gem stone is mainly mined in Nepal. At first glance, the rich blue color of this gem reminds you of a fine quality blue sapphire. But this is where the similarity ends, the hardness and durability of kayanite is way below blue sapphire. We do not recommend a mens blue kayanite gem stone ring, the gem is too soft for daily usage and can get damaged easily. Even the hardness of a normal metal gem tweezer can scratch the gem. You will find jewelers selling kayanite rings but the stone is really not suitable for rings. Earrings or pendants that have lesser chances of striking hard objects are a better choice for kayanite jewelry.

Blue Zircon: While it is true that men's blue gem stone rings are not commonly found with zircon gems, there is an interesting reason for this. Zircon has a name that is very similar to another stone called cubic zircon. The fact is that while zircon is a naturally mined gem stone, cubic zircon is a cheap factory made stone. Zircon the natural gem has been known for many centuries, it was used in jewelry as a substitute for white diamonds. The good glitter of zircon gems made them play the diamond role rather well and at a substantially lower cost as compared to diamonds. Then came cubic zircon which was also touted as a diamond look alike. The average jewelry buyer was utterly confused and decided to started keeping away from both, zircon and cubic zirconium. Rest assured that your mens blue gem ring with zircon would have a natural gem. Blue zircon is available in two shades of blue, one is a very pale blue which almost resembles the color of aquamarine. A darker and brighter version of blue zircon has recently been introduced to the jewelry industry.

If you are keen on getting a blue gem stone men's ring but are not particular about any specific gem, the above information would help you make a decision. On the other hand, if you have a specific blue gem stone in mind for your men's gold or sterling silver ring the information on the specific gem given above, will let you get the maximum satisfaction of owning and wearing a mens blue stone ring.

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