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Men's Engagement Ring

Single Ring For Engagement And Wedding, Growing Trend

We have all heard of mens engagement rings and mens wedding rings. What is more interesting is the momentum towards a single ring for both wedding and engagement. It is not just economics that is fuelling the popularity of this trend, even the rich and royal have shown an inclination for this. If you choose just one ring as the mens wedding and engagement ring, you would most likely spend less than, what you would spend for two separate rings. Another group of buyers who are inclined to opt for the single ring concept, has an interesting reason for doing this - lower costs is surely not an issue with them. Some of the rich, famous and powerful people feel that wearing a single mens engagement and wedding ring would make them appear more modest and down to earth!

Given the feeble economic outlook in most nations, it is a good idea to tighten spending for some items. While we do agree that mens wedding and engagement rings have tremendous meaning, you really need not spend too much on them. At the same time when you decide to choose just one ring for the wedding and engagement,  do not be too obsessed with cheap rings. In this report, we give you some valuable advice and recommendations related to choosing the right men's engagement and wedding ring. Keep in mind that we are talking about a single ring for both ocassions.

Budget: We all work on a budget, this is true of everyone and for everything that we might buy. So how much should be allocate for your mens wedding and engagement ring. There is no single answer as the financial position of each person would differ. We would say that you should not get too tight, as this might limit the options and probably, force you to make compromises too. At the same time, do not get carried away and overspend on your mens engagement and wedding ring. A good jeweler will suggest various options to fit your budget. So keeping the starting point as your budget allocation is a good idea.

If you find that your budget cannot get you a strong and sturdy, mens gold wedding and engagement ring, talk to your jeweler about getting a sterling silver ring. If you are under the impression that a mens silver ring cannot have the same quality of design, craftsmanship and gemstone as a gold ring - you are mistaken. If your jeweler is too keen to push a gold ring as it gives him higher profit margins, then dump him and search for another jeweler.

Gems and Diamonds: A well organized survey conducted by the experts at Kaisilver revealed some interesting information. When it comes to men's engagement rings and mens wedding rings, a significant proportion of men do not care much for diamonds. Your men's ring can have gems or diamonds or be a plain ring, with no stones at all. If you decide to get a mens wedding or engagement ring with a gemstone, you will need to consider some basic factors. While we do not plan to make you a gemstone expert in the next 30 minutes, we do hope that you get a fair idea of what to discuss and clarify with your jeweler. There are natural gems and man made (fake gems). Gem and jewelry providers have coined some fancy (and confusing) names for fake or synthetic gems. There is no problem in buying a mens gold or silver wedding ring with a fake gems as long as, you know what you are getting and have been charged for the gem that you will get in the ring.

It is generally true that, the larger the gem, the higher the price per carat. Some gems can be very expensive, and the definition of a big gemstone is influenced by the type of gemstone. So if you plan to get a mens sapphire wedding and engagement ring, a gem size beyond 2 to 2.5 carats would be regarded as 'big'. A mens aquamarine or tourmaline, ring might be modestly priced even in the 3 to 4 carat size. And if your mens ring was to have a red garnet, blue topaz or amethyst gem - even a size that reaches up to 5 or 6 carats would not be too expensive. The price increase per carat as gem size moves up, is very visible in the case of diamonds. If you have a 4mm round diamond of a specific grade and want a 6mm round diamond of the same grade, the 6mm diamond could be as high as double the rate (per carat) as compared to the 4mm gemstone.


mens engagement and wedding ring

The MAN25 mens engagement or wedding ring is a classic jewel. This gold or silver mens ring includes a prominent gem in the center, you can choose the gem of your choice for this. The sides of this ring are lavished with 10 square diamonds. The diamonds are optional and can be replaced with gems of your choice ... more.

Metal: The recent rise in gold prices has worked to the advantage of silver jewelry. The interesting thing is that, many men prefer 925 silver rings because they like it's appearance and confident feel. We have mentioned it before but will repeat it again - insist on that your jeweler provides you the same quality for a gold or 925 silver mens wedding or engagement ring. When it comes to a mens gold ring, you can choose from a 14k or 18k gold ring. While 10k was earlier considered to be too low on gold content for a wedding or engagement ring, high gold prices have today created a market for 10k mens wedding rings too. Mens rings are generally made in yellow or white gold though, no technical reason stops you from choose a rose gold wedding or engagement mens ring.

If you choose a sterling silver men's ring, you need to understand the issues related to plating it. While a true lover of silver jewelry would hate to, get a gold or platinum look for the ring. At the same time, many men's wedding and engagement ring buyers might want to get the look of gold or even platinum at a cheaper price. If you are planning to do rhodium, gold, platinum or any other plating on your mens 925 silver ring, here is an important piece of information for you. Any plating done on your silver ring will wear off after a while, this is irrespective of what plating you choose and who does the plating. While an unplated silver ring would tarnish, you could use any recommended silver polish or fabric to take away the tarnish.

Ring Size: When it comes to ring size, we refer to the size of the finger that will wear the ring. There is no scope for personal preference here, you need to get the right measurement and pass on the information to your jeweler. Many buyers do a search on the web and try to find the best way to do a ring size check. Reality says that the best way to check your ring size would be to use a ring sizer and measure the size of the ring that best fits your finger. Using a string, or printing an online ring sizer on a paper might not give the ideal results. You could ofcourse visit a local jeweler can get the ring measured there. In this case, your ring provider would rely on the ring size given by the local jeweler - this should be fine in most cases but ocassional surprises are not unheard of. If you choose to get your mens engagement or wedding ring from Kaisilver, we provide a reliable option for ring size. Once your order is confirmed with payment, we can ship you a set of ring sizers at no additional charge. You check the ring size and with that, email us the number on the ring that fits you and we use that size. You can ofcourse keep the ring sizer for future use. You might also know, there are a few standards for ring size measurement. U.K and U.S ring size charts are the most commonly used charts to measure a ring size. So make sure that your jeweler gets the correct size and knows which ring size standard you are referring to.

Custom Ring: Special ocassion jewels are best ordered as custom made jewels. A custom made mens wedding and engagement ring would be more durable and more satisfying. When you choose a readymade ring, you are surely making a lot of compromises based on your actual preferences. For example, you see a 14k mens engagement ring with a 6mm round white diamond in the center. Such a jewel should be priced at around 4,000 U.S$ to 8,000 U.S$ depending on the quality of the diamond. What if you loved this design but were put off by the price, let us say that you had a limited budget. You might be willing to go for a 925 silver mens ring with  an aquamarine birthstone in the center. You see this extravagant diamond ring and wish that you could retain the same design for your mens silver aquamarine ring. This is when a custom mens engagement or wedding ring comes as a blessing. It is likely that the jeweler selling the diamond ring would not be interested in making that 600 U.S$ silver aquamarine ring for you but, that should not keep you from trying. Kaisilver is one of the very few highend custom jewelry providers offering the same quality of desing, gemstones and craftsmanship for both gold and silver. When you do decide to go for a custom mens ring, keep in mind the time element. A true custom made ring would be made just for you, this is time consuming but, very satisfying. Keep around 5 to 8 weeks for the ring to be complete - a last minute rush purchase for a custom ring is not advisable.


The above report on mens engagement wedding rings will satisfy the information needs of a wide range of buyers. While we do make some design suggestions from the Kaisilver men's ring collection - we do not slip into a heavy sales pitch. Kai Silver experts do feel that the trend towards wearing a single ring for the wedding and engagement, is going to gather pace. There are many advantages in limiting your spending to a single ring, it will increase the possibility of getting a well crafted durable jewel. You will also have more budget to spend on other expenses like the wedding party, house furnishing etc. If you still have any doubts or queries, do contact our support experts at sales@kaisilver.com , with no obligation to make any purchase, there is no reason for you not to take full advantage of our expertise.


How Much Will The MAN25 Kaisilver Mens Engagement Wedding Ring Cost

The price table below will give you an idea for the pricing of the MAN25 ring from Kaisilver. You can email our support experts at sales@kaisilver.com for any information or customization that you need. We provide the same quality of gems, diamonds and craftsmanship for the gold or silver ring. You also have the option to keep the diamonds out of the design and even, choose other gems instead of the side diamonds.

To order this ring, please access the web page with complete details here.

 pricing for mens engagement ring form kaisilver


Please send us your questions and doubts at sales@kaisilver.com and we will provide complete answers and explanations to ensure that you make a well informed decision.


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