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Mens Lapis Ring

Suggestions And Tips For Mens Lapis Rings

If you analyzed the impressive demand for lapis rings, you will notice that a significant portion of these are men's lapis rings. The reasons for the popularity of lapis gems among men are quite clear. The choice of gems for mens rings is dominated by some colors, dark blue and black gems are favorites. A gold or 925 silver blue lapis ring for men, would almost always have a gem that is dark blue. An exception would be if, you choose get a mens lapis gemstone ring with a 'denim' lapis stone. A denim lapis gem is a lapis stone with a significant presence of calcite. More importantly, the calcite in a denim lapis is spread quite uniformly within the gem, this actually lowers the blue saturation of the stone. Denim lapis is always a few shades lighter than other lapis stones.

The design for a mens lapis ring would be influenced by personal preference but, a few design features can help increase the durability of the ring. Make sure that the gem in your lapis gold or silver men's ring does not have a very high cut. This would imply a gem that protrudes far beyond the surface of the ring. Such rings are prone to getting the gemstone damaged as, the stone is likely to hit against hard surfaces or objects. At the same time you do not want the lapis to be cut very thin either, this will not give sufficient mass to the gem and is likely to reduce it's durability too. If you notice the gemstone cut on most gold or 925 silver blue lapis rings for men, you would observe the gem is cut smooth (cabachon) without any facets. You could surely request for a faceted blue lapis stone for your lapis ring but before you do that, please read this important piece of information. A faceted gem is more likely to show wear and tear signs as compared to a smooth cabachon cut gem. The facets themselves and the lines that connect adjacent facets are points where scratches and cuts can show up clearly.

lapis gemstone rings for men
An impressive mens blue lapis ring. The visible inclusions in the lapis gem are natural and this is how, natural lapis gems are found. Dyeing the gemstone can give you a uniform dark blue color all across the gem. The gold or 925 silver men's lapis lazuli ring will have the same quality of craftsmanship and gemstone ... more.

Like many other gems, blue lapis has a collection of folklore and traditions attached to it too. When mens lapis rings are ordered for such meaning and tradition, buyers often request for the gemstone to touch the finger. This would imply that the underside of the gem would touch the finger when the ring is worn. In such a case, it is necessary for the gemstone to have some height on the back side of the gem too. Make sure that the ring will not scratch your finger - the back side of the gem should have the required height but should not be pointed. We would like to make it clear that, we do not suggest that blue lapis or any other gem has magical or supernatural powers. The information has been mentiond here inorder to explain, the importance of gems for believers of crystal therapy etc.

Here is some important information related to the gem color selection for a lapis gemstone ring. Lapis is basically a blue gem but, you can find a few shades of blue in the stone. An interesting thing about requests for mens lapis rings is that, a significant proportion of buyers want a dark blue gem with absolutely no other elements in the stone being visible. Without bothering to explain the facts about natural lapis lazuli to the buyer, jewelers take natural lapis gems and dye them to a uniform dark blue color. So while you could be quite pleased with a such a gold or 925 silver men's lapis ring, you might not be aware that the gem is treated (dyed).

We will provide a clear explanation regarding the inclusions in lapis gems, and this will help you better appreciate an untreated lapis stone. Natural lapis is not a single stone, it is composed of a few other minerals or rocks too. Calcite, pyrite and lazurite combine to form lapis lazuli. This is true of all lapis gems, your mens lapis ring will be no exception. The overall blue color of lapis is caused by he presence of lazurite, the pyrite can be visible in the form of tiny metallic specks. The calcite shows it's white color in the form of streaks or patches. There is no fixed percentage of these materials in lapis, so the composition of the stone could differ. What you can do is to request for a mens lapis lazuli ring where the gem has, low or no visibility of calcite, minor inclusions of pyrite and no surface reaching cracks or fissures. What we would like to address here is that, a request for a dark blue lapis lazuli with zero visibility of pyrite and calcite, cannot be fulfilled without dyeing the gem.

Let us now talk about caring for a mens lapis lazuli ring. Gem hardness is one of the factors that will determine the strength and durability of the stone. Blessed with a modest hardness of 5.5 to 6 on the Mohs scale, lapis should not be subjected to physical impact as this could cause the gem to crack. You will recall our earlier discussion on cutting a low profile gem, that does not protrude too much beyond the surface of your mens lapis gem ring. This is suggested to reduce the chances of the gem being hit by hard objects or surfaces. In general lapis gems should not be soaked in water for too long, this is a bit more relevant when the lapis is dyed. Keep your lapis mens ring away from strong chemicals, solvents or detergents. If you have a 925 sterling silver mens ring with blue lapis here is some advice. A silver mens lapis ring will tarnish like all silver jewelry does. You can use any recommended silver polishing lotion or fabric, to take the tarnish off your lapis gemstone ring. After polishing the ring, rinse it in water at room temperature and gently dab it dry with a soft, clean cloth. The idea is to take off any residue from the polishing lotion that might be stuck to the metal or the stone.


How Much Will The MAN66 Lapis Ring Cost

The price table below will give you an idea for the pricing of the mens lazuli ring from Kaisilver. You can email our support experts at sales@kaisilver.com for any information or customization that you need. To order this ring, please access the web page with complete details here.

Dimensions and Other Specifications
Details Specifications
Gemstone size, 11x9mm oval 13mm (1.3cm) ring head height and 6mm (0.6cm) behind the finger.
Gemstone size, 10x8mm oval 12mm (1.2cm) ring head height and 6mm (0.6cm) behind the finger.
Gemstone size, 9x7mm oval 11mm (1.1cm) ring head height and 5mm (0.5cm) behind the finger.
Gold weight Approximately 20 grams
Silver weight Approximately 20 grams
Band texture options Ridges as shown in image, or plain band with no texture
Metal options 14k or 18k white or yellow gold. Also sterling silver.

mens lapis ring pricing


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