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There was a time when men's rings were little more than clumsy pieces of metal and stone. It was believed that a well crafted mens ring would not appear masculine. The introduction of the world's first collection of high end custom men's rings by online jeweler Kaisilver, changed the face of men's jewelry. It was proved that custom men's rings can have a good design, good craftsmanship and handpicked gems and still, appear impressive and masculine. High gold prices has increased the demand for sterling silver men's rings but, special occassion mens rings are still made in white gold or yellow gold. The belief in birth stones and the special powers of certain gems has existed for many centuries. Many men's rings are designed and created keeping this in mind. Religious jewelry has also been popular for men and men's cross rings lead the trend in such jewels. Men's claddagh rings offer the opportunity to wear jewelry that has beauty and meaning. Claddagh rings were first made over 375 years ago and symbolized love, friendship and loyalty. The good thing about religious rings for men and mens rings with meaning is that, the meaning of the ring lies in it's features and not in the metal or price tag. For this reason a gold or sterling silver men's claddagh ring would have the same level of meaning and significance.

There is basically not much difference between a men's ring and a ring worn by ladies. However, few important issues need to be considered when choosing or making a men's gold or sterling silver ring. Firstly, men's rings need to be designed and built to qithstand active and heavy usage. You cannot expect a man to take similar care of his jewels as he ladies do. Another important issue is the metal weight for men's rings. Men's rings would generally have a larger size and dimensions, this needs a proportionate metal weight. Making a men's gold or sterling silver ring with insufficient weight can cause the ring to dent and bend. Such problems can result in the gemstones or diamonds becoming loose. A deformed ring will need repairs and this can be expensive, frequent repairs can also ruin the basic structure of a men's ring. If you are considering a men's gem stone ring, the gem stone needs to be considered keeping a few issues in mind. Some gems like rubies, sapphires, diamonds and emeralds can be very expensive as the gem stone size increases. If your men's ring is to include any of these gems, choose a design that includes gemstones in medium sizes. Certain other issues related to gemstones must also be known. For example, tanzanite rings should not be worn when doing heavy physical activity. Emerald gems cannot be soaked in water, kunzite gems can fade when exposed to strong heat and light etc. Ideally, your jeweler should educate you regarding these issues. Choice of the right jeweler becomes as important as choosing the right jewel.

When talking about gold color and karatage for men's rings, the choice of a yellow or white gold men's ring can be based on personal preference. However, regarding karatage 14k mens rings would be harder than 18k mens rings. This is because 14k gold is harder than 18k gold. If you are considering a sterling silver men's ring, remember that all designs and gems can be used for silver and gold rings. However, do not choose any plating for your sterling silver men's ring. This is because all plating on silver is temporary and will wear off in time. You can control tarnish on your silver men's ring by occassionally wiping the ring with a soft moist cloth. Links to several useful resources for men's rings have been provided below. Check them out and get some important and useful information that will guide you in making a well informed decision.

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