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Onyx Gemstone Jewellery

Black Gemstone Jewellery

Onyx gemstone jewellery might be more popular with men but, some awesome gold and silver onyx jewellery for ladies can be seen. When talking about jewellery with onyx gemstones, most of us refer to black onyx. Though onyx gems can be found in other colors like green, black onyx is the most popular color for this gemstone. The rather simple appearance of this gemstone, makes it hard to believe that millions of jewellery lovers across the world adore the stone. It is not listed as a birthstone and therefore does not draw any of it's demand from that angle. Everything aside, if you really get your hands on a fine quality black onyx gemstone, you will agree that it is a gorgeous gem - not loud but never lacking a confident appeal.

Before we start to discuss about onyx gem stone jewellery, let us understand a bit about the black onyx gemstone. While most of us know black onyx to be absolutely black in color, this is not how it is naturally formed. The gem begins life as a white and balck banded stone, a dyeing process works to turn it into a fully black stone. This is true of all black onyx and not just, the black onyx jewellery that we provide. The fact is that most gem and jewellery providers do not care to inform their buyers about this.

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Here is a terrific collection of fine custom made onyx gemstone jewellery. All our jewellery can be made with your designs or ours, you can select the gemstone of your size. We ensure the same quality of design, craftsmanship and gems for both gold and 925 silver custom made jewellery ... more.

Suitability For Mens Jewellery: There are some very specific features of this gem that make it very suitable for black onyx men's jewellery. As is normally the case, mens gemstone jewellery would utilize gems that are quite big in size. The normal trend is for larger gems to be priced significantly higher (per carat) as compared to smaller gems but, onyx comes as a nice surprise here. Good quality black onyx gemstones even in sizes as large as 15-20mm are quite moderately priced. This is something that is very beneficial for mens black onyx gemstone rings and even heavy mens bracelets with onyx gems. The impressive demand for mens onyx jewellery is driven by factors beyond economics and pricing. A large percentage of men who wear jewellery prefer to wear jewels that are not very loud or flashy. Black onyx fits their preference, it is stylish but never goes to the extent of being loud or gaudy. If you have tabbed the trends in mens jewellery, the shift towards silver jewellery is rapid and consistent. Here again, black onyx bring some advantages - the affordable price combined with the fact that, the gem looks awesome in white or yellow metals, ensures a stunning look for sterling silver black onyx gemstone jewellery.

Onyx And Ladies Jewellery: While men are impressed by the cool and composed look of onyx and ofcourse by it's modest price, ladies look for the exclusive when ordering onyx gemstone jewellery. Large or medium sized onyx gems, cut in fancy shapes and very intricate facet styles are what attracts ladies. When it comes to classic and artistic jewellery, ladies seem to have a special eye for them. This can be seen from the large number of exclusive handcrafted artistic onyx pendants and brooches, exported from countries like Thailand and even Indonesia. Ladies onyx rings are generally made with pear shaped black onyx stones. An interesting thing about onyx gemstone jewellery for ladies is that, the preferred cut for the gems are faceted. On the other hand, men prefer smooth cabachon cut onyx stones for their jewellery.

Advice on Cutting Onyx Gems: While this is not something that is in the control of the buyer of black onyx gems or onxy jewellery, it needs to be understood. Since onyx is not a very expensive gemstone, many gem cutters prefer to cut the stone in a bulky form. Let us explain this with an example, a 12x10mm oval black onyx gem that is cut with no facets (cabachon) would ideally be around 6mm to 7mm  thick (deep) at the center. However it is not uncommon for the same size to be cut with a height of 8mm or even 9 to 10mm. While this thicker depth and higher carat weight will not make much of an impact on the price of the piece, it does cause problems as far as durability is concerned. A gemstone that protrudes too far beyond it's metal mounting, is more prone to hit against hard objects or surfaces - this can cause the stone to scratch. For this reason make sure that the gemstone in your onyx jewellery does not have a very high profile. This is all the more important for onyx rings as onyx pendants and even earrings, would experience lower wear and tear when worn.

Traditions and Folklore: We do not claim that our gemstones have any magical powers, the information provided here is just by way of general interest. There is a very ancient belief that, wearing black onyx can help a person cope with personal tragedy and sorrow. That belief lives until this day and quite a few onyx jewellery orders that we get, are from buyers believing in this folklore. In many cases, the request is for gold or 925 silver onyx jewellery where the gemstone touches the skin from the under side. If you plan to get such onyx jewels, make sure that the under side of the gemstone is not pointed or sharp as that could scratch delicate skin.

Onyx Gemstone Cufflinks: With the styles and trends that you today see in cufflinks, we would like to group onyx cufflinks as jewellery. Not all buyers who want black cufflinks are particular about the black element being an onyx stone. For buyers who are particular about the black portion in their cufflinks being an onyx gemstone, various shapes and sizes of onyx gems can be used. A pair of custom cufflinks would have more flexibility in terms of design or personal preference as compared to readymade cufflinks.

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