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Pink Opal Gemstones, Gorgeous And Natural

Australia is widely known as the 'Opal Country' and rightly so. However there are some gorgeous opal gems that are not mined in Australia. Pink opal is one of the opals that is mined in Peru and not Australia. Similarly, fire opals are mined in Mexico and to a smaller extent in Brazil. Many gem and jewelry lovers are not even aware that opal gems in pink color exist in their natural form. We are not talking about those pink opals that show color flashes that look like the rainbow. Yes you do get 'pink opal' jewelry with those type of opals but such pink opal gems are fake. So let's talk about the real thing, natural pink opals which are pink right from the moment that they are plucked out of the mines.

Peru is the country where pink opals are mined, the stones are a whitish pink when mined. You could call them a pastel pink, serene and pleasant. Look carefully at the rough pink opal gemstone and you will realize that, there is no color play or color flashes in this natural opal. Pink opals are opaque, the portion towards the center of the rough piece shows more of pink, as you move towards the outer edge of the rough you see increasingly higher shades of white. The important thing is that, these stones are naturally pink and do not have to go through any color treatment to enhance their color. The pink opals that we show you on this page are a nice pink with no black spots or pits. These are handpicked gems, careful selection is done right from the rough assortment stage. The gem cutting experts then make sure that no surface defects pass through the final cut stone. What this means is that, you will find many pink opals with spots or pits but that is not the quality of opals that we deal in.

So it is true that natural pink opals with a good pink color can be found in natural form. Does this mean that all pink opals are not treated or enhanced for color? Sadly this is not true, gem manufacturers make bulk purchases of pink opal rough. Like we mentioned above the center portion generally gives the best color, the rest is low quality pink opal which should not be used to produce jewelry. Low grade pink opals can be cut to beads for the inexpensive bead market. When cutting the pink opal rough, gem manufacturers try to use as much as possible and reduce the weight loss. This means cutting lower quality pink opal too, this can be sold only by treating the stone for color. At Kaisilver we pick the rough directly from the gem miners in Peru and do the cutting inhouse. There is therefore no scope of any treatment or enhancement taking place. We use only those pink opals that have a good pink color, pieces with cracks and pits are rejected. So when you buy pink opal gems or jewelry with pink opal gemstones, make sure that the manufacturer reveals any treatment used to enhance gem color.

Besides color treated pink opal which we recommend that you stay away from, there are also fake pink opal gems that enter the gems and jewelry market. Some of these fakes are produced in factories and have no natural element in them. Other fakes are natural stones like howlite which are dyed pink and made to resemble pink opal. It is true that the casual gem and jewelry buyer cannot identify such cheap tricks played by jewelry and gemstone providers. Your best bet is to procure merchandise from jewelers with a reputation, value the jeweler before you value the jewel.

Let us now say something about the prices of pink opal gems. We are talking about handpicked custom cut pieces and not gems purchased by the kilogram. If you like a pastel pink shade and have heard of opals, the pink opal gem stone is bound to impress you. Fortunately there is no fear of the pink opal mines in Peru depleting stocks. This remains true despite what the big TV sales channels and gigantic jewelry houses tell you. You can today expect to get a large 4 to 8 carat pink opal gemstone at an affordable price. Pink opals are not cheap, at least when you talk about good quality stones. But given the beauty and grace of the gem and also the fact that the gem and gem color is natural, the price is very attractive.

The attractive price range of natural pink opal gems from Peru, make them a good choice for opal gemstone jewelry in gold or 925 sterling silver. A good 12mm x 10mm oval natural pink opal stone that is not treated in any way, can be had for around 40 to 50 U.S$. This works out to around 10 U.S$ to 15 U.S$ per carat. If you heard that pink opal gems are available for less than 5 U.S$ per carat, rest assured that you will need to purchase wholesale volumes of around 2,000 carats to 5,000 carats to get that price. Wholesale purchases also mean that you take the entire lot of good, bad and ugly gems. The prices we quoted are for single piece or small volume of handpicked and custom cut pink opal stones. We do not stock low grade pink opals so you are never at a risk of getting the junk.

www.directstones.com can provide pink opal gems in all sizes and shapes. Gems procured from the miners in Peru are custom cut according to your requirements. You can also request for complete sets of matching pink opals. There is no minimum order stipulation in terms of value or quantity, even single piece orders are welcome. The gems shown on the website are mere examples, there is no limit to the gem type, shape or size that we can provide. You can buy just the gem or request for complete custom jewelry to be made according to your specifications. The opal gems at Directstones can be seen here. Email us at sales@kaisilver.com with any gemstone or jewelry queries that you might have. Our team of experts will be glad to provide information and suggestions and you will never be under an obligation to make a purchase from us.


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