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Sapphire Engagement Rings

Kaisilver Suggestions For Your Sapphire Ring 

A sapphire ring is a jewel that few ladies could resist. The fact is that sapphire men's rings have a high popularity ranking too. If you refer to natural sapphires in the medium, good and high quality range - the fact is that these gems are grouped in the elite 'expensive' category of gems. While you might come acros sapphire rings with 'cheap' or 'low price' tags, there are some fine details that you must know about such jewels. Our entire discussion revolves around sapphire gemstone rings that have natural (not man made) gems. There is more to this so please read the entire report and understand the content before, making any buying decisions or arriving at any conclusions.

While we did mention that the basic classification of sapphires would be natural sapphires and man made sapphires - even natural sapphire gems are not equally valued. When you are looking for a sapphire gemstone ring, the first thing to decide is whether you are particular about the gemstone being natural. If this is not so, you can go for a synthetic sapphire gemstone ring too. But what is important is that, you know what you are getting and are charged for what you are getting. Coming back to natural sapphire gemstones, there is an issue related to gem treatment that you must understand. For many decades and probably for over a century, natural sapphires have been heated before being cut and polished. This is done to improve the clarity, transparency and color of the gemstone. Gem experts fully accept this 'conventional heating' form of treatment for sapphires. It is therefore fine if the stone in your sapphire ring is heated by the conventional heating process. What you need to be careful is with sapphires treated with other forms of heating, fissure filling or even diffuse process treatments. It is well known that a jeweler who sells sapphire gem stone rings with such sapphires, needs to make an EXPLICIT disclosure to the buyer - but in reality that is often not the case. Sapphires treated with processes other than conventional heat, have a much lower value as compared to unheated or conventionally heated sapphire gems. Keeping this in mind  we would say that, selecting the right jeweler to buy your gold or silver sapphire ring from is as important as evaluating the price or design for the jewel.

Sapphire colors are another interesting topic when talking about a sapphire ring. Most gem and jewelry lovers believe that, all sapphires are blue in color. Some of them might have heard of white sapphires which are sometimes, offered as an affordable substitute for diamonds. The fact however is that, sapphires can be found in a range of colors - the absolute red or reddish pink variety are classified as rubies. Pink, yellow, green, orange and white are some very interesting color options for a sapphire gem stone ring. It is quite obvious that a pink sapphire ring is generally worn by ladies, we have not been requested to craft a mens pink sapphire ring in the 2 decades that we have been in business. Yellow sapphire rings especially for men were very popular about 10 to 12 years ago, the gem then seems to have lost it's popularity. An interesting thing about men's sapphire rings with yellow sapphire is that, some Asian countries like India attach special meaning and significance to the jewel. In such cases the buyer generally requests for an untreated (unheated) yellow sapphire and does not give much importance to the beauty, clarity or color of the gemstone.

Birthstones have an high influence on gem selection for ladies and men's rings. If you were looking for a September birthstone ring, you would need a sapphire ring. An interesting thing about sapphire birthstone rings is that, both men and ladies prefer blue sapphire gemstones. Besides lack of knowledge about other sapphire gem colors, one of the reasons for the high popularity of blue sapphire gem stone rings is the fact that, the gem is suitable for both men and ladies. Sapphire rings or sapphire and diamond rings are also often chosen for wedding and engagement rings.

The metal options provided for good sapphire rings is generally limited to gold or platinum. Kaisilver has always given equal attention and importance to sterling silver jewelry. We stand committed to provide good quality sapphire rings in gold or 925 sterling silver. Platinum sapphire rings are also available but, the high overheads involved in crafting single piece platinum jewels generally makes it a less popular option. If you choose a gold sapphire ring, the options of 14k or 18k gold would normally be available to you. You could ofcourse choose a yellow or white gold sapphire gemstone ring too. If you go by the market trend, the demand for silver sapphire rings is on the rise. The rapid and substantial increase in gold prices is one of the reasons for this.

The rise in popularity of sterling silver rings with sapphire gem stone is more glaring when it comes to, men's sapphire gemstone rings. Given the fact that, a mens sapphire ring would generally have large dimensions - the need for proportionate metal weight makes gold rings an expensive proposition. This combine with the fact that, many men do prefer sterling silver jewelry has brought up an impressive increase in silver sapphire ring orders for men at Kaisilver. While most jewelers provide little attention when it comes to crafting sterling silver sapphire rings, at Kaisilver you are ensured of the same quality of design, gemstones and craftsmanship for 925 silver or gold sapphire rings.

Still on the topic of sapphire silver rings, we need to talk about the options to plate your silver ring. We will always suggest that you leave your sterling silver sapphire gem ring unplated, this for a very good reason. It is tempting to request for a rhodium or gold plating on a silver ring, the jewel looks a lot more expensive with the gold plating. However the plating itself does not last forever, it will come off after a while. For this reason we would suggest that you leave your sapphire 925 silver ring unplated. Like all silver rings, your sapphire ring if ordered in silver would tarnish too. Fortunately, it is quite easy to clean a sapphire 925 silver ring. Any commercially available silver jewelry polished lotion or polishing fabric can be used to take off the tarnish from the silver ring. The cleaning operation will not affected a natural sapphire, as sapphires are tough and durable gemstones.

Our support team is often asked about, star sapphires and the clarity of the star on the stone. The MAN15 mens diffused star sapphire ring continues to be one of the most popular star sapphire rings. Without getting into a sales pitch, we will explain the concept of diffused star sapphire gems. Some natural sapphires are dug up from the mines, cut and polished and show a star effect. Let us call these natural sapphires with a natural star effect. Unfortunately such star sapphire gems are extremely few especially, if you are looking for a star sapphire with a nice bright and sharp star. The rarity of natural star sapphires with a natural star effect obvioulsy shows on their price tags - very few budgets can handle such a gemstone in sizes beyond 8x6mm ovals. One thing that the Kai Silver diffused star sapphire ring did for jewelry and gem lovers, was to bring the star sapphire ring within a wide range of budgets. It became possible to get a fine silver diffused star sapphire ring at a price that was well below 500 U.S$. And this ring would have a large gem (about 11x9mm oval) that showed a bright, clear and sharp star. Now here is the meaning of a diffused star sapphire gemstone. A natural sapphire gemstone is treated to bring out a star effect on the stone. Since Kaisilver picks only the best diffused star sapphire gems, the star is clear and sharp, it will move along a light source just as a natural star on a natural sapphire would. The important thing is that, at the heart of the diffused star sapphire gem is a natural sapphire. Our commitment to educating and informing buyers has ensured that, a clear explanation of the diffused star sapphire is provided on the web page that offers the MAN15 diffused star sapphire gemstone ring.

We will present a few Kaisilver sapphire rings on this report. The idea is to give you a glimpse of what to expect when buying a sapphire ring. The table below summarizes key features that are relevant to all sapphire rings from Kaisilver and infact, to all custom jewelry made by us. If you need more assistance or information for anything related to gemstones or jewelry, please email our support executives at sales@kaisilver.com The advice and suggestions that you get will be professional and directly related to gems and jewelry - we will not waste your precious time with silly marketing talk.


Kaisilver Sapphire Rings


custom made with your designs or ours.

options for gold or 925 sterling silver.

14k or 18k white or yellow gold.

all ring sizes available, customized dimensions.

natural sapphire gems, all colors options.

high end craftsmanship, strict quality checks.

all features can be customized.



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