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Silver Heart Ring

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silver heart ring, claddagh heart ring with citrine
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A silver heart ring like all other heart jewelry is meant to show love and affection. A sterling silver heart ring would easily be the most commonly gifted jewel among the younger generation. It is not hard to guess the meaning implied when you wear or gift a sterling silver heart shaped ring. The heart shape denotes love, it implies caring and affection. Love is universal and so, not all 925 silver heart rings are gifted with matrimonial intentions. A mother could gift a heart shaped silver ring to her daughter, a person could gift a silver heart ring to another friend. You could infact gift a gorgeous 925 sterling silver heart ring to your mother, a great idea for a mothers day gift. People could prefer a silver heart ring over a gold heart ring for many reasons. Firstly, a silver heart shaped ring would be priced lower than a similar ring made in gold. Leaving aside the issue of pricing, many people love silver jewelry for it's classic and reliable appearance. Expensive gold prices probably force most jewelers to create light weight and flimsy gold heart rings. Silver heart rings are also popular for valentines gifts, this is especially true of the younger generation. Every silver heart shaped ring carries a message, a message of love, a message of care. But, there are ways in which you can add meaning to a sterling silver heart ring, the most common options would be in choosing the right design and gem stone for the ring. We discuss an exciting design concept for a silver heart ring in the next paragraph, the history and tradition of this ring is tremendous.

The historic claddagh ring is also known as the heart and hands ring and was first made more than 375 years ago. This heart ring would have tremendous meaning in gold or sterling silver, so you can make your choice based on your budget. Your sterling silver heart ring can be made with the gemstone of your choice, a birth stone would add even more meaning to your claddagh silver heart ring. The Kaisilver claddagh ring is considered to be the world's best rendition of the famous ring. The ring has been created after a thorough study into the history and tradition of this amazing jewel. There is another very interesting thing about the silver claddagh heart ring, the ring is available for men and ladies. This makes it one of the very few heart rings that are suitable for men. The classic design of this heart ring also means that it looks even better with a slight tarnish. The sterling silver heart claddagh ring is therefore a perfect choice for all occasions. You could also wear a plain claddagh heart ring with no gemstone. Such a silver heart claddagh ring would have a silver heart instead of the heart gemstone in the center of the ring. So if you are looking for a sterling silver heart ring, consider the claddagh heart ring. It is a jewel that has meaning and significance that goes well beyond the price you pay for it.

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