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Tanzanite Diamond Ring

A Sizzling Yellow Or White Gold Marquise Tanzanite Gem Ring

A tanzanite diamond ring that wraps some of the finest features into one terrific jewel. The RG225 tanzanite gold ring is custom  made in yellow or white gold and like always, you get to choose the gemstone for your ring. An interesting thing about this tanzanite diamond ring is that, it flaunts a marquise tanzanite gem. This is not very common for more reasons than one. A marquise shaped gem, needs to be set by gem setters with a high degree of skill. Too much of pressure when working on the prongs and, the ends of the stone could chip. A hesitant gem setter might put too little pressure when pushing the prongs into place, this results in a loose gem mounting. Despite the tremendous appeal that marquise gems have, a sigificant number of jewelers prefer to leave them alone. This is what makes the RG225 tanzanite ring exclusive and desirable. And if you were worried about the ring being longlasting, we have taken care of that too.

The row of diamonds surrounding the center gem, highlight the beauty of the natural hand cut tanzanite gem. It is no secret that, diamonds add glitter and flash to a jewel but, in the case of this tanzanite diamond gold ring, the diamond glitter does not overpower the beauty and grace of the gorgeous tanzanite gemstone. We have so far talked about the appearance and beauty of this gorgeous tanzanite jewel but, let us not get into too much marketing hype here. Our time would be better spent talking about the main features of the ring. The diamonds in this ring do more than just, add beauty to the jewel. If you see the shape of most gemstones that are cut, you would notice that the edges of the gem are much thinner as compared to the portion at the center and away from the edge. The diamonds that surround the center gem in this tanzanite ring, actually protect the gem from side impact too. By virtue of it's shape, a marquise gem has two pointed corners - the 'V' prongs provided in the design of this ring, protect those points.

tanzanite diamond ring, gold or 925 sterling silver tanzanite rings
This 8x4mm marquise tanzanite diamond has a natural eye clean, tanzanite gem in the center. The round diamonds that surround the tanzanite gem are 1.5mm in size. The ring can be ordered as a gold or 925 silver tanzanite gemstone ring. You can also choose the gemstone of your choice when ordering ... more.

While the overall appearance of this tanzanite diamond ring, makes it appear like a special ocassion ring, the fact is that it is suitable for all ocassions. The price tag is not very extravagant, something that makes it very suitable for a casual wear jewel. At the same time, the sophisticated style and concept makes this diamond and tanzanite ring perfect for a tanzanite wedding or engagement ring too. Many of you would spend far more for a wedding or engagement ring but, we would suggest that you do not leave the RG225 out of your options. The ring is well designed and finely crafted, it does look far more expensive than it's price point. You could choose a 14k or 18k tanzanite ring, yellow and white gold options are available for both.

Though the ring is not expensive, it is possible that many tanzanite lovers would want to moderate the price a bit. We understand this requirement and have worked out some very good customizable features that, will make the RG225 tanzanite diamond ring fit into a wider range of budgets. The first feature that can be used to customize the price are the diamonds. If you wish to retain the lavish approach of this jewel but, find that the diamonds put the ring out of your budget - consider white sapphires instead of diamonds. White sapphires are natural gems and have a hardness that is almost equal to that of diamonds. We handpick and custom cut fine white sapphires, that can set in the ring. What this does is to, reduce the overall price of the ring without, affecting the sheer beauty and grace of the jewel.

We did mention that this was a yellow or white gold diamond tanzanite ring but, gold prices are today encouraging more jewelry lovers to look at sterling silver. Keeping this in mind, we provide you with the option of a 925 sterling silver tanzanite diamond ring too. The most important thing about the gold or silver tanzanite gem ring is that, both have the same quality of craftsmanship and gemstone. We respect your metal choice decision and ensure that, quality remains the same irrespective of the metal selected. While we do suggest that your sterling silver tanzanite diamond ring be left unplated, we can do a yellow gold, white gold or even rose gold plating on your silver tanzanite ring.

Since each tanzanite diamond gold or 925 silver ring is completely custom made, you can request for the ring size of your choice.  Great care is taken to provide a metal weight that is suitable for the ring size. If the ring size required is very large, we might recommend additional metal weight to maintain the durability of the jewel. You can infact choose the gemstone of your choice too, we provide a very wide selection of gems for you to choose from. In most cases, we can fulfill requirements for gems not mentioned in the specification charts provided for the ring too. 


So what would a tanzanite ring like the one shown in RG225 cost. We provide you with the pricing right here but, request you to visit our regular website if you wish to order, you can do that right here. The tanzanite diamond ring is available in gold or 925 sterling silver. You could ofcourse choose any other gem stone instead of the tanzanite. The price table also provides price details for the ring if you choose to have white sapphires instead of the diamonds. Our support team at sales@kaisilver.com will be glad to assist you with any information or clarifications that you might need.


Pricing With Diamonds

diamond tanzanite ring 14k or 18k


Pricing With White Sapphires

tanzanite diamond rings

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