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Tanzanite Rings For Men

About Tanzanite Gold Or Silver Rings For Men

While tanzanite rings for men are not very rare today, it is interesting to note that the desire of men to look for style and excitement in their jewelry is fairly recent. The overall sales of tanzanite gold or 925 silver rings for men has increased sharply. The upward demand climb could have been stronger had, it not been for the rarity of the gemstone and it's rather high price. What exactly do you need to look for when choosing a tanzanite ring for men. Is it true that tanzanite is a birthstone. Why are all tanzanite gems heated, what does an unheated piece of rough tanzanite look like. Is it true that, tanzanite 925 silver rings for men cannot have the same quality of gemstone and craftsmanship, as a similar ring made in gold. In this report we cut the sales talk and get to the bottom of these issues. The objective is not to sell but, to provide information and guidance to help you make the right buying decision.

About Tanzanite: Let us begin by understanding the gemstone in a tanzanite ring for men. As compared to other gems like rubies, sapphires and emeralds that have been known for many centuries, tanzanite is a new entry into the world of gems. It was discovered only around 1967 in Tanzania - what is very interesting is that, no other nation has reported any gem quality finding of tanzanite until now. The fact that the whole world needs to wait for tanzanite to trickle down from one single mining location means that, supply always lags behind demand. So what can be confirmed is that the gemstone in tanzanite rings for men is rare and limited in supply. It is this rarity factor that, puts tanzanite in the category of exotic gems. And again, it is this rarity that allows the gemstone to maintain a fairly high price point with impressive consistency. 

Tanzanite Treatment: Older and better known gems like rubies, sapphires and emeralds are almost always treated and this, has been going on for many centuries. Almost every ruby and sapphire seen in the gem markets is (at least) heat treated, more complicated and contraversial treatments for these gems have developed over time. What you will need to know about tanzanite rings for men is that, 99.99% of them would be made with gems that are heat treated. The reason for this is that, the appearance of rough tanzanite when it is mined is very different, from the flamboyant blue-violet gemstone that you will see in your tanzanite gold or silver ring for men. Heating the gemstone, takes away the impurities and foreign elements that might have been trapped in the stone during it's formation. So can you get an untreated tanzanite gem for your mens ring. Here is the whole truth - such a gemstone would be possible if you did not mind the stone being murky green and brown in color. But if you wanted a gorgeous blue-violet tanzanite gem that has not been treated, you will be competing for a less than 0.001% yield of such gems that come out of the mines in extremely rare cases. This would mean that you would end up paying around 5 to 10 times more for the gemstone as compared to, what you would pay for a heat treated tanzanite of similar color, shape, size and weight.


tanzanite rough before heating and after being treated
This is an image of some of the rough tanzanite procured by our gem cutting section. The image on the left shows rough tanzanite before it has been heated. The piece on the right shows, how the color and clarity of the gemstone has improved after being heat treated.


Gold or Silver: So should you choose a gold or 925 silver tanzanite ring for men. The answer is simple, go by your preference, respect your budget limitations and insist on quality. While it might sound strange to see a highend gem like tanzanite being set in a mens silver ring, any knowledgeable jeweler would tell you that this is no surprise. Men have always liked the calm and confident appeal of sterling silver. We have crafted some fine mens rings with quality stones like sapphires, rubies and even diamonds - so tanzanite is surely no surprise. Talking about tanzanite gold rings for men, this is one gemstone that would look outstanding in all three gold colors. Though mens rose (pink) gold rings are not very common, you might just be surprised if you saw a majestic rose gold tanzanite ring for men. White and yellow gold rings remain the popular gold colors for tanzanite rings for men. Keep in mind that a tanzanite gold ring for men would require considerable gold weight to look good and stay in shape. This along with the cost of the tanzanite gemstone, could strain your budget. 925 silver tanzanite rings for men, can surely be made with the same quality of gemstone and worksmanship that is normally provided for fine gold rings. If you choose a tanzanite siler ring for men that is not plated with rhodium or any other metal, cleaning the ring when tarnish sets in is quite easy. And if you wish to have your silver tanzanite ring plated with rhodium, gold or even platinum, keep one thing in mind. The plating will certainly wear off after a while, and you could end up with a ring that does not look all that pretty. As we have always mentioned, a sturdy and finely crafted silver ring is much better than, a light weight gold ring that can bend and dent easily.

Gem Size And Color: What is the ideal tanzanite color and gem size that, you should look for in tanzanite rings for men. Had it not been for the restraining factors, we would say that you should go for a huge medium color tanzanite gem. Unfortunately tanzanite a gem that is already priced quite high, shows a steep increase in price (per carat) as the gemstone size moves up. Unless budget is not a factor in your selection, stay with a 2 to 3 carat tanzanite gemstone for your ring. Once you have locked in the size, set some standards related to clarity and color. Tanzanite rings for men with very light color tanzanite gems, will not look good. You might hardly notice the color of the stone in such cases. When it comes to very deep colored tanzanite stones, there are two important issues involved. Deep colored tanzanite that is eye clean or very near eye clean, costs significantly more than medium colored gems. More importantly, a very dark tanzanite gem would end up absorbing most of the light that enters the stone from the top. So you might not see much of that glitter and facet reflections that, most gem lovers expect from (expensive) gemstones. After working out the equation between quality, color, price and beauty - we would say that a medium color tanzanite gem is the best option. It is not uncommon for this gemstone to show some color zoning especially if, the gem size surpasses the 2 carat mark. Firstly, make sure that the stone has no inclusions or cracks, you do not want such blemishes in the gem for tanzanite gold or silver rings for men. A small degree of color zoning might be okay IF, it cannot be noticed when the gemstone is viewed from the top.

Durability: When you consider the durability of tanzanite gemstone rings for men, it is something that is influenced by a number of factors. The design, construction, metal weight and even the craftsmanship would together define the durability of the jewel. Talking specifically about the gemstone, here are the relevant details. Tanzanite has a Mohs hardness rating of 6.5 to 7, higher than many other gemstones. At the same time, it is advisable to keep your ring away from environments where it could get physically hit. Given the fact that, a tanzanite ring for men would not come cheap, most buyers do take more than adequate care of their ring! Going deeper into the properties of tanzanite, there are some simple precautions that you will need to take when cleaning or storing the jewel. These will be discussed in the paragraph that explains how to clean and care for your tanzanite mens ring.

Caring And Cleaning: This information would cover both gold and silver tanzanite rings for men. As far as cleaning a 925 silver tanzanite ring for men is concerned, we will also talk about polishing the jewel to take away any tarnish that might form on the ring. Ultrasound jewelry cleaners are not suitable for cleaning tanzanite gems, so this is not something that should be used to clean your ring. The gemstone does not like abrupt changes in temperature so ensure that, the temperature of the water is stable all through the cleaning process. Use water that is just about 10 degree centigrade, not very hot and not freezing cold either. If you plan to clean a tanzanite sterling silver ring for men, make sure that any tarnish that is formed on the metal is first polished away. Silver jewelry cleaning options are available in the form or lotions, sprays or even as convenient fabric pieces. Follow the instructions that came with the cleaning product and complete that process first. You should now thoroughly rinse the ring in water, this will take away any residue from the polishing operation that might be stuck to the gem or the metal. From this stage onwards, the same steps can be used to polish a silver or gold tanzanite gemstone ring for men. Take a bowl of water as explained above, add a very small amount of mild soap to the bowl and mix the soap and the water. Place the tanzanite mens ring in the bowl for around 5 minutes. Pick the jewel and closely inspect the gemstone, does it appear clean and bright. Inspect the portion under the gemstone, this is the portion where oils, soaps and other residues often gather. This can make the gem appear a bit dull and cloudy. Use a soft clean toothbrush that has been dipped in the same water to, gently brush the under side of the gem. This would force the dust and grease from the gem and make it cleaner. Rinse the ring once more in the same water. Next, pick the ring and keep it aside. Throw out the water in the bowl and rinse the bowl clean. Add plain water at the same temperature, to the bowl and this time keep the soap out. Rinse the ring a couple of times in the water, you have now completed the cleaning process. Do not try to quicken the drying process for the ring, heaters and blowers can damage the gem. Use a clean, soft and dry piece of cloth and place the ring on the cloth - make sure that the place where you keep the ring is safe, losing jewelry can be a sad experience. The ring should dry in around 15 to 20 minutes - and look very much better than it did before the cleaning operation.

Safe Storage: The first and foremost thing is to ensure that, your tanzanite ring for men is not left in a place where it could be stolen. You should also not keep the jewel in a place that is exposed to strong light or a heat source. Remember that sudden temparature changes can affect the quality of the gemstone. We strongly recommend that, jewelry boxes be padded well inside with separate padded compartments for each jewel. Your tanzanite ring can give you years of wearing pleasure, all it asks in return is a bit of care and attention.


Kaisilver Rings: Here is a brief summary of what can offer in terms of tanzanite rings for men. With every ring being fully customized, you have no limitation in terms of metal, design, dimensions or gemstone. We procure tanzanite rough directly from miners and process the material on our own. Each gem is closely inspected, cleaved, heated and then cut and polished. With this approach you can be sure that the gem in your tanzanite gold or silver ring for men, is natural and not enhanced by any process other than simple heating. You can choose a gold or silver tanzanite mens ring and get, the same quality of attention, craftsmanship and gemstone for both options. While you could choose the design concept from our collection, we can also custom make your ring based on your design specifications or sketch. Since you are never under any obligation to purchase anything from us, we encourage you to contact our support experts at sales@kaisilver.com for any questions or requirements that you might have.


mens tanzanite diamond ring tananite gold or silver rings for men




Kaisilver is the world's leading online custom jewelry provider. All jewelry is custom made by some of the finest craftsmen and artisans. Direct contracts with global mining resources put more than 200 million carats of gems at our disposal. Our gem experts closely inspect every gem stone before custom cutting it. The jewelry you order can request for a gem from any part of our planet, we are capable of procuring and custom cutting it for you. Our buyers include, fashion models, politicians, government officials, sportsmen, lawyers, financial experts, resort and casino owners, doctors and surgeons, professors, students, members of the armed forces and others. We rely completely on satisfied buyers to grow our business. For this reason, customer satisfaction is our lifeline and not a mere business policy. Contact us at sales@kaisilver.com if you have questions or requirements related to gems and jewelry.


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