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Tanzanite Wedding or Engagement Ring

Tanzanite Is Gorgeous, And Rarer Than A Diamond

The title of this report has an interesting interpretation. If you have stayed updated with the details of the 2011 Royal Wedding (U.K), you would know that Kate Middleton (the bride) wore just one ring for the wedding and engagement. Though the reasons for doing that were as interesting as the incident itself, economic conditions today could make this condition quite necessary. A Tanzanite wedding or engagement ring does mean that the gem is perfect for both ocassions, it could also mean that you wear the same tanzanite ring for the ocassions. Whichever way you look at it, there is no doubt that a yellow or white gold tanzanite gem stone ring would look terrific.

Before we get down to designs and concepts for a tanzanite wedding ring, let us say something about the gemstone. To begin with, Tanzanite is found in just one nation on our planet, this does make it very unique. The rugged terrain of Tanzania has the only deposit of Tanzanite - gem miners have not yet seen any other location where it could be commercially mined. With this limited mining possibility, tanzanite is rare but - let us hurry to tell you that it is not about to deplete and become extinct any time soon. Despite what you hear on the T.V and sales brochures, there is enough of tanzanite to last for many decades. At the same time, the limited mining location for tanzanite does mean that it is rare and very sensitive to local conditions at the mining sites. If you relate it to an engagement or wedding, the unique and rare gem does make tanzanite wedding or engagement rings exciting and valuable.

A wedding ring has it's own meaning and significance, this is not diminished in any way by the metal, gemstone, design or price tag on the ring. As young couples look for ways to enhance the meaning of their special rings, we see the demand for birth stone wedding rings showing an upward movement. So is Tanzanite a birth stone? This is something that we need to clearly explain. So would the tanzanite wedding ring be an option for a birthstone wedding ring. Tanzanite has made a fairly recent entry into the world of gemstones and jewelry. Birthstones have been around for a few centuries now and traditionally did not include Tanzanite. As the awareness and the appreciation for the gem increased, The American Color Gemstone Association decided to give tanzanite the status of a birth stone in the year 2002. However the fact is that, not much interest has been shown by gem traders or gem and jewelry lovers for this birthstone 'assignment'. Few if any, birthstone charts actually list the December birth stone as Tanzanite. But there is no harm in wearing a Tanzanite wedding ring if you believe, that it is indeed fit to be a birth stone wedding or engagement ring.

Choosing the tanzanite gem for your tanzanite engagement ring would be defined by a few parameters. The first thing that you would notice about the tanzanite stone or any other gem for that matter, is the basic stone color. Tanzanite gems are available in three color concentrations. A tanzanite wedding ring with a very pale tanzanite stone, can appear quite dull and boring. In general, very light color tanzanite is generally used in low grade tanzanite gem stone jewelry. It is quite common to see such gems set in silver jewelry. The medium color tanzanite stone is the most preferred and is also something, that Kaisilver recommends for your tanzanite gem stone ring. This tanzanite color looks awesome in white gold, yellow gold or even rose gold metal colors. Most people do not prefer to use dark tanzanite gems. If you plan to use this in your tanzanite gem stone wedding ring, make sure that you know and like the color. To be on the safe side, we would recommend the medium tanzanite color gem for your ring.

Another important aspect of the tanzanite stone in your wedding or engagement ring, is the clarity of the stone. Tanzanite price behaviour is much like other expensive gems, the clearer the stone the higher the price per carat. We would recommend that you insist on an eye clean gem stone for your tanzanite engagement ring. This is presuming that, the tanzanite gem in your ring is going to be in the 2 to 3 carat range. If the gem size had to go beyond 5 carats, you might see a premium being added to the price tag if, you insisted on an eye clean stone. If you are on a limited budget, we would suggest that you choose a tanzanite wedding ring design where, the gem is not too large, the 2 to 2.5 carat should be a nice price point.

The color of tanzanite is always an interesting topic to discuss. You could say that tanzanite gems are bluish violet in color. You will have some clear options when choosing the color for your tanzanite gem. For example, you could have a tanzanite piece that has a high concentration of violet and a slight dash of blue. The reverse is also true, your tanzanite wedding ring could have a gem with a low visibility of violet and predominantly bluish color. There is nothing like a highly preferred tanzanite gem color, some people adore stones with the high blue content while others, prefer a dominant violet shade. We would suggest that you give more attention to the color saturation and clarity of the stone.

You could get a tanzanite wedding or engagement ring in gold or 925 sterling silver. Kaisilver provides both metal options and assures you of the, same quality of design, gem and craftsmanship for the gold or 925 silver tanzanite wedding ring. If you decided to go for a gold ring, a selection between 14k and 18k tanzanite rings is to be made. Coming to gold color options, yellow gold, white gold or even rose gold is something that you could choose for your ring. Rest assured that a medium color tanzanite stone, would look awesome in all three gold colors. If you are planning to go for a sterling silver wedding ring with tanzanite, talk to your jeweler about leaving the silver ring unplated. Using rhodium, gold or even platinum plating on your 925 silver tanzanite wedding ring - is a temporary measure to reduce the onset of tarnish on the metal. However this is a temporary effect since, the plating will wear off after a while and this will happen in bits and patches. Leaving your tanzanite silver engagement or wedding ring unplated is a good idea, you can always use a silver polish lotion or fabric, to polish off the tarnish as it develops.

tanzanite heart ring gold or 925 silver

The RG143 Kaisilver tanzanite claddagh ring is one of the finest tanzanite heart rings that you will find. The claddagh ring is regarded as one of the most meaningful jewels in history. The gem is a natural heart shaped Tanzanite gem eye clean with fine cutting. This heart tanzanite ring can be custom made in gold or 925 silver ... more.

A very interesting thing about this jewel is that, it has equal meaning in gold or 925 silver. The Kaisilver claddagh ring is widely acclaimed as the world's best rendition of this historic jewel. If you prefer to have a gold tanzanite heart ring, options are available for a 14k or 18k claddagh heart tanzanite ring. We ofcourse allow you to make a selection from yellow or white gold rings. If you plan to get a tanzanite silver heart ring, we would recommend that no rhodium or other plating be used on the jewel. This is because all plating on sterling silver will wear off after a while.


How Much Will The Tanzanite Claddagh Wedding Ring Cost

The price table below will give you an idea for the pricing of the tanzanite claddagh ring from Kaisilver. You can email our support experts at sales@kaisilver.com for any information or customization that you need. There is also an option to set 3 diamonds in the crown, this idea is perfectly suited for a tanzanite wedding or enagement claddagh heart ring. To order this ring, please access the web page with complete details here.

Kaisilver claddagh citrine ring
Please send us your questions and doubts at sales@kaisilver.com and we will provide complete answers and explanations to ensure that you make a well informed decision.

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