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Three Stone Diamond Ring

Both Gold or Silver Rings With Three Diamonds Are Possible

It is not a mere coincidence that, most of the three stone diamond rings that you come across will be gold diamond rings. Jewelers prefer to make 14k or 18k diamond gold rings, the lower profit margins in absolute terms for 925 sterling silver diamond rings keeps them away from this metal. Unfortunately this is not something that works in the interest of the buyer. This does not mean that there are no silver diamond rings to be found. The truth is that the 925 sterling silver rings with diamonds that you will come across, will have some of the lowest quality diamonds that you can expect. These diamonds would be opaque and milky and show no glitter at all. At Kaisilver we often say that, the low quality sterling silver diamond rings are an insult to the jewelry buyer. Besides low quality diamonds, the craftsmanship and design elements of silver rings also leave much to be desired.

Now let us talk about technical issues in producing three stone diamond rings in gold or sterling silver. There is absolutely no problem in producing good quality 925 diamond rings. We do understand that buyers sometimes restrict quality by hunting for 'cheap' diamond rings. In this case you cannot blame the jeweler for producing junk quality silver diamond rings that, need to hit price points below the 50 U.S$ mark! But in reality, silver jewelry buyers who are genuinely interested in quality jewels are ignored, one uniform low quality range of silver diamond rings is pushed into mass markets. At Kaisilver we provide all jewelry in gold or sterling silver with gems of your choice. The same quality of merchandise is assured for gold and silver jewels since, we use the same production, design, gemstone and quality monitoring teams for jewelry produced in gold or 925 silver.

In this report we are going to discuss and explain issues related to gold and 925 silver diamond rings with three stones. When you talk about three stone diamond rings, the interpretation could be in two ways. You might be referring to rings with three gems and also diamonds. The diamonds might most probably be used as small accent stones in such rings. The term three stone diamond gold or silver rings could also imply, rings with three diamonds. In this case the word stone is used to refer to diamonds and not colored gems. The information presented in this report will be relevant to both types of rings.

three stone diamond ring yellow or white gold three stone rings made to order
A good example of a sturdy, durable and moderately priced three stone diamond ring. The RG183 has a larger center diamond stone and is flanked by a smaller diamond on either side of the center stone. This ring interprets the term, three stone diamond ring as a ring with three diamonds. Kaisilver can custom make this diamond ring for you in gold or silver ... more. The term 3 stone diamond ring could also mean a ring with three gemstones and diamonds used as accent stones. The RG220 shows one of the hottest selling Kaisilver multi gem stone rings. You can combine gems in the gold or silver ring. The diamonds in this ring are small accent stones see on either side of the square gems ... more.

If you plan to order a 3 stone diamond ring in sterling silver, keep a few things in mind. Kaisilver is not the only source where you can buy your ring from but, we are surely the only jewelry provider who will offer such frank, honest and detailed suggestions and recommendations. Firstly get over the notion that you have to put up with lower quality standards for your 925 sterling silver 3 stone diamond ring, as compared to what a gold ring would get you. Insist on a quality silver diamond ring and keep looking for a jeweler who can make that ring for you. Both gold and silver are precious metals but, silver is far more affordable as compared to gold. Do not be tempted to save on metal weight to lower the price tag of your ring. A silver three stone diamond ring will not be strong and will not stand up to daily and frequent wear. Problems could arise in the form of deforming or denting of the metal mounting, you could also be faced with loose diamonds that could even drop off the mounting. Make sure that the metal weight for your 925 silver 3 stone diamond ring is proportional to the ring size and dimensions.

When it comes to the quality of the diamonds for a sterling silver diamond ring with 3 diamonds, the options need to be kept in mind. Diamonds are one type of stone where different qualities are available, prices can vary widely between different qualities (grades). If you are on a limited budget, consider medium grade diamonds instead of the best quality stones. When we say medium grade diamonds, we do not include the junk diamonds that are heavily included and milky even to the naked eye. The choice of medium grade diamonds might have to be excercised even for gold diamond rings, so discuss this issue with your jeweler before placing the order.

The issue of silver tarnish is often talked about, and yet there are many buyers who are not well informed regarding silver tarnish. All silver jewelry including a silver 3 stone diamond ring will tarnish after some time. Tarnish is the discoloration of silver that occurs for reasons related to climate, water composition etc. When a silver jewel starts to tarnish, the first stage is a very slight discoloration. At this stage it is fairly easy to polish off the tarnish by using a commercially available silver polishing lotion. If you leave the tarnish on the silver jewel, it would develop a darker color and can also get more stubborn.

Before you fall for any anti-tarnish gimmicks, here are the facts. Jewelers have been fooling silver jewelry buyers for years, by promising anti-tarnish coatings and platings. Rhodium, gold or even platinum platings are done on 925 sterling silver jewelry. The results are impressive but unfortunately, this lasts only for a while. The platings will wear off after some time and the wear off happens in patches, leaving the jewelry looking quite shabby. The important thing is that, a worn off silver plating ring cannot be polished to look good with a silver polish lotion or fabric. So the best option would be to leave your silver 3 stone diamond ring unplated. It is fairly easy to polish away any tarnish that will form on the silver diamond ring. This is especially true if you do the polishing just as the first signs of tarnish show up. If you do happen to leave the tarnish and it turns stubborn, take the ring to your local jeweler and it would be a fairly easy and inexpensive task for him to polish the tarnished silver diamond ring.

Talking specifically about a 925 sterling silver diamond ring, the best part is that diamonds are tough and sturdy stones. Normaly silver polishing lotions and fabrics will not affect the diamonds in your 925 sterling silver ring. It is a good idea to rinse the silver ring in clean water after the polishing process is completed. This will take off any residual chemicals from the polishing lotion that could be stuck to the metal or the diamond.

A more comprehensive report related to gold and silver 3 stone diamond rings can be accessed at http://www.kaisilver.com/3-diamond-ring-info-ks-01.htm You will also be introduced to some suitable design concepts for rings with three diamonds. Our support team at sales@kaisilver.com will be glad to clear any doubts or queries that you might have.

Kaisilver is the world's leading online custom jewelry provider. All jewelry is custom made by some of the finest craftsmen and artisans. Direct contracts with global mining resources put more than 200 million carats of gems at our disposal. Our gem experts closely inspect every gem stone before custom cutting it. The jewelry you order can request for a gem from any part of our planet, we are capable of procuring and custom cutting it for you. Our buyers include, fashion models, politicians, government officials, sportsmen, lawyers, financial experts, resort and casino owners, doctors and surgeons, professors, students, members of the armed forces and others. We rely completely on satisfied buyers to grow our business. For this reason, customer satisfaction is our lifeline and not a mere business policy.


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