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Yin Yang Rings Meaning

The Significance Of Yin Yang Jewelry

The fact is that most people who wear a yin yang ring or other yin yang jewelry do so because of, the meaning of the yin yang symbol. The interesting thing about this historic symbol is that, it's interpretation has meaning even today. Your daily life, lifestyle and even your professional life can all benefit by understanding and following the meaning of the yin yang. Though there are thousands of yin yang ring concepts to choose from, the fact is that understanding or believing the yin yang can be accomplished even without wearing any yin yang jewelry. While this statement might sought strange coming from, the worlds leading online custom jewelry provider - it is true.

To understand the meaning of a yin yang ring, we will need to first get an overview of the meaning and interpretation of the yin yang symbol. At first sight, the symbol looks like an ordinary black and white line art drawing. But if you go deeper into the features of the yin yang symbol - you will realize that even the smallest feature has singnificant meaning. You can then harness the meaning of the yin yang and weave into your lifestyle. Everyone irrespective of age, gender, religion, nationality or profession has something valuable to learn and something to gain from learning about the yin yang. In this report we wish to bring forth the power and utility value of the yin yang rather than, try to sell you a yin yang ring.

The yin yang symbol has meaning and significance for everyone. You can harness the benefits of the yin yang and make it a part of life. The meaning of the yin yang is applicable to everyone irrespective of age, profession, nationality, religion or gender.

When you talk about a yin yang ring, the basic concept of the jewel will have to incorporate the above yin yang symbol. The point is that every single feature of the yin yang has meaning and is included in the design for a specific reason. This is why the symbol will be very similar irrespective of the style, dimensions or design used to make the yin yang ring. Most of us have seen the yin yang symbol in some place or another, however not everyone is aware of what it means. Depending on how well you know and understand the interpretation of the yin yang, it could be a plain black and white circle or it could mean, a whole new way of looking at life. Before we talk about suggestions for yin yang rings, let us observe and explain the various elements or features in the yin yang symbol.

The black and white colors of the yin yang symbol, represent two opposite or very different forces. The symbol tries to explain that, two opposing forces can reside next to each other in harmony. Now give a closer look to the shape of the black and white portions, they are not separated by a straight line. Instead, they seem to be flowing into each other. This implies that the opposite forces are not static, they are dynamic and can change positions. If your life is today filled with saddness and hardships, it is not going to remain that way for ever. The good times are bound to come by, you just need to stay positive and stay alert to good opportunities that come your way. Similarly, if you are having a great time and everything seems to be going your way - remember to keep a level head and stay within limits. Give a thought to the people less fortunate than you. Times will not remain this way for forever, give some thought to the future too. The yin yang teaches us about leading a balanced life, not to tilt to any extreme. It tells us to recognize, tolerate and respect differing views and ideas. For example, a married couple will need to recognize and adjust to the fact that differences will exist, these should not come in the way of living a life of harmony.

Something that many people forget to understand is the, significance of the two small spots in the yin yang symbol. You might think that these were there just to beautify the symbol but, wait till you hear what they mean. Notice that the spot in the black portion is white and similarly, the spot in the white portion is black. What this teaches us is that nothing is all black or all white, nothing is all good or all bad, life is never all sorrow or all happiness. There is always a little of the opposite in everything. The idea is not to make you a pessimist or to prevent you celebrating a happy ocassion or a personal achievement. The yin yang teaches us to stay within limits and keep in mind that, times could be different in the near or far future.

You now know what the yin yang mens, this obviously would be the meaning of a yin yang ring too. Before we move on to discuss some concepts for yin yang rings we would like to explain that, the price tag on a yin yang ring will not affect the level of meaning or significance of the yin yang. A simple band ring in silver with the yin yang symbol etched in the front would have the same meaning as, a hefty yin yang gold rings with white and black diamonds forming the symbol. You should also know that, yin yang rings are not the only type of yin yang jewelry that you can wear, yin yang pendants, yin yang cufflinks and even yin yang bracelets are options that you can consider.

yin yang rings, what is the meaning of a yin yang ring
Three interesting concepts for a yin yang ring. While the MAN76 yin yang ring, has the symbol as the main theme, the MAN31 is a gem stone ring with the yin yang symbol etched on one side of the gemstone. You could request for the gemstone of your choice and have the yin yang or any other symbol etched on both sides of the gem stone. The third option is the MH-03 is an interesting yin yang ring where, the symbol is faintly present all around the band of the ring. Since all jewelry is fully custom made, you can choose for a deeper etching of the yin yang symbol or, just have one etching done on the front of the ring. More details are available ... click here.

Before we start discussing the above yin yang rings we would like to say that, yin yang rings are suitable for both men and ladies. The fact however is that, more men wear a yin yang ring as compared to ladies. We have shown the above rings to explain the ways in which the yin yang symbol could be depicted on the jewel. When it comes to Kai Silver jewelry, you can ofcourse choose the design, gem stone and metal of your choice.

The MAN76 yin yang ring is concept where, the symbol is given prominence right in the front of the ring. There is a slight hint of extravagance to this jewel. Most jewelers would have made such a gold or 925 silver yin yang ring by using black and white enamel or other color to form the yin yang symbol. With full confidence in it's production team, Kaisilver has taken the ring to a new level. Intricately cut, black onyx and white mother of pearl are set in precisely crafted gold or silver mountings. If you thought that it might have been better to do this with an inlay work, here is a surprise for you. Inlay setting of gems use a special form of glue to set the stones, this is not a very durable operation. The glue is bound to weaken over time  and loosen the gems. The MAN76 Kaisilver mens ring does not use glue, the gems are actually set in the mounting with a metal border. The extravagance in the jewel is not only seen in the mother of pearl and onyx setting, we have added a white and black diamond to represent the white and yellow spots in the ring. Like always, you will get the same quality for the gold or 925 silver yin yang ring option. If you prefer something more simple and down to earth, we can keep the design simple by just etching the yin yang symbol on the front of the ring.

The MAN31 is an interesting ring too, basically a gem stone ring with the yin yang etched on the side. While you could technically say that this is an iolite gem stone ring, the ring has the meaning and significance of a full fledged yin yang ring. The symbol is etched on one side of the gemstone, on the other side is the lightning symbol. In this case, the yin yang symbol is not at the front portion of the ring. A useful concept if you wanted to add the gem of your choice to a yin yang ring. There could be many variations to this yin yang ring concept, the symbol could be etched on both sides of the center gemstone. The center gemstone could be chosen by you, ofcourse gold or sterling silver are the metal options you could choose from. Let us presume that you were looking for a birthstone ring, the MAN31 concept allows you to choose your birthstone and further enhance the meaning of the ring by, getting the yin yang symbol etched.

The MH-03 is a simple yin yang ring, not much flash and glamor but with the meaning and significance intact. The yin yang symbols in this ring are present all around the band and yet, they are quite faintly visible. It is ofcourse possible to request for deeper etching to be done. You might also prefer to have just one symbol etched in the front of the yin yang ring. Just keep in mind that all features can be customized to suit your requirements. We could infact make a completely different gold or 925 silver yin yang ring based on your own design sketch or image.


We do hope that you have found something useful and interesting in this report on meaning of yin yang rings. Once you have understood the contents of this report, you will be equipped with a better knowledge of what to expect and accept when ordering your gold or 925 sterling silver yin yang ring. Kaisilver is surely not the only source for this jewel, so just work with a jewelry provider that makes you feel comfortable.

Kaisilver is the world's leading online custom jewelry provider. All jewelry is custom made by some of the finest craftsmen and artisans. Direct contracts with global mining resources put more than 200 million carats of gems at our disposal. Our gem experts closely inspect every gem stone before custom cutting it. The jewelry you order can request for a gem from any part of our planet, we are capable of procuring and custom cutting it for you. Our buyers include, fashion models, politicians, government officials, sportsmen, lawyers, financial experts, resort and casino owners, doctors and surgeons, professors, students, members of the armed forces and others. We rely completely on satisfied buyers to grow our business. For this reason, customer satisfaction is our lifeline and not a mere business policy. Contact us at sales@kaisilver.com if you have questions or requirements related to gems and jewelry.


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